More Holly Hester Pics: '90s Jeans and Cigars

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With all the attention paid to Stephanie Birkitt - the former assistant David Letterman had an affair with, and whose cheating on Robert Halderman may have sparked the alleged extortion plot - Holly Hester has been all but forgotten.

She is probably grateful for this.

But the "other" other woman in Letterman's life sure was comfortable in Dave's offices back in the day, as some new photos unearthed by TMZ today show ...

Holly Hester Pic

Holly Hester at David Letterman's offices back in his NBC daze.

An intern on Late Night 20 years ago, Holly Hester says she had a secret relationship with the host when she was a student at NYU and fell head over heels for him.

She says they dated for like a year.

Like the first pictures of Hester we posted a week and a half ago, these are from the early '90s and completely innocent. David Letterman himself is nowhere in sight.

Click to enlarge some more photos of Holly kicking back at Dave's desk with one of his beloved cigars, and displaying some vintage '90s jeans near the office throne:

Holly Hester the Boss
Holly Hester Image
The Other Intern
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shes really pretty and young, i dont understand what is sooo attractive about David letterman that she felt the need to sleep with him?


YUCK!!! why the heck would you sleep with him?


she was an intern in college and how old was dave?


especially when he's famous


but seriously sleeping with your boss is not a good idea


she's not that ugly


thats a good look for her.