Miranda Kerr Channels Inner Mischa Barton

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If you're seen any Miranda Kerr pictures in your life, you know that the Aussie model, who dates actor Orlando Bloom, is an absolutely gorgeous young woman.

That being said, a recent rooftop photo shoot she did for Grazia magazine in Sydney, on the roof of the Museum of Contemporary Art, is not her most flattering.

As body types go, Mischa Barton is not one you should emulate, but that looks to be what MK is going for. And people wonder why Filippa Hamilton got fired.

Skinny Miranda Kerr

Miranda Kerr is one of the planet's most beautiful specimens. But she looks a bit gaunt here, like she could use a steak or several. [Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline.com]

Just a quick note to all you models around the world and the quote-unquote high fashion magazines who seem to encourage this type of appearance:

Skeletal does not equal hot.

Honestly, is her shoulder blade going to pop out? Is there any flesh on that arm? To think people criticize Jessica Simpson for looking curvy and normal. Yeesh.


It has nothing to do with the angle.Check another photos from the same photoshoot. She is all bones, her ribs are out. Terrible. So sad that she did this.


i do agree with THG though, everyone is always really quick to critise curvy woman, but when it comes to models like this, they just dismiss it


I agree with Chancer! Its a bad shot, Miranda is a great role model unlike some celebs today... she look after herself!


No they dont Angelina! This is just a real bad photo of Miranda


i wonder if people who have eating disorders ever realize what they're doing to their bodies before it's too late


she's so pretty but much too skinny


maybe it was the angle? but she does look pretty skinny


I think it's just a bad shot. She's a thin women but everyone knows she's very health conscious and knows a lot about nutrition and keeping fit. I don't think she's unhealthy.


Dang, I think she's a bit too skinny. SHE NEEDS A BURGER!

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