Miley Cyrus: Sex and the City Sequel Role, Dress Confirmed!

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As Liam Hemsworth likely knows, Miley Cyrus knows a thing or two about sex.

Soon, movie fans will find this out for themselves.

Following various reports and rumors, it's now been confirmed that the Disney icon will make a cameo in the Sex and the City sequel.

She won't speak (thank goodness), but the singer will appear on the red carpet of an event... wearing the same dress as Samantha Jones, much to the chagrin of the latter character!

Cyrus actually modeled the dress in question for reporters this week. This is what you'll see her donning on screen:

Miley Dress
Miley Cyrus Cameo

In response to the role, Miley Tweeted... nothing.

Sex and the City 2 comes out in May 2010. Will you be more likely to see if with Cyrus on board?


I now want to see the movie sence Miley is in it. Cool! I can't wait for the movie to come out. :)


defiantly going to watch this one!
I love Miley Cyrus and everyone needs to leave her alone.


the spikes and boots need to go. halloween is over.


Are people seriously this retarded? That dress is for the movie! Not something she chose in real life! Hence ticking off Samantha character! People are stupid.


haha oh my.
people are so stupid.
i know sixteen year olds that are so much worse.
disney/hannah montana has just set her up to meet this
role model thing where she should be every 5 year olds idol.
news flash, she's not 12 years old.
she can do whatever she wants.
if you people don't like her, your pathetic to look
go out of your way to look at her.


she is trying to act too old for her age!


that dress truly sucks!!! It's disgusting. Besides she shouldn't even appear on Sex and the City 2, for Christ's sake she's still a kid. I don't know how her parent's would even allow such a thing.


Crap...I love the franchise but including Ms Cyrus might have me reconsider seeing the girls again. Miley needs to be grounded; do some dishes, something to bring her out of her unwarranted stratosphere; but then, what fun would that be for mom and dad when she cuts off their allowance!


I like Miley but this dress is hideous and is not age appropiate for her she looks like a street hooker
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h and ad bad makeup


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