Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato: Major Twitter Tension!

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Over the last few weeks, former fans of Miley Cyrus have turned against the Disney performer.

Many have clearly grown sick of her self-serving Twitter messages; her inappropriate acts on stage; her blatant lying over a relationship with Liam Hemsworth.

Double Thumbs Up

But we had no idea this tension extended all the way to Miley's supposedly best friends... until now! Over the weekend, Cyrus posted this photograph of herself and Demi Lovato on Twitter:

Miley and Demi: BFFs no more?!?

The image is months old, taken from a premiere of Miley's Hannah Montana movie, and it was accompanied by this message from Cyrus:

Now this is what true friendship looks like. None of that hollywood crap.** @ddlovato I miss you :)

Lovato's immediate, cryptic reply? Yeah... It's just kind of hard to miss somebody that I don't know anymore.

Ouch! Instead of asking the usual question - why are these two holding a private conversation over a public forum? - we're gonna focus on the reason why Demi might be mad at Miley.

She did break up with Cyrus' brother, Trace, in July. But the friendship seemed stable despite that awkward situation. Perhaps Lovato is simply as sick with Miley's antics as the rest of us.

After all, it must be difficult to remain close with someone that only thinks about herself.

(** Miley: this photo was taken at a Hollywood movie premiere, in front of thousands of people. You're an idiot.)

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hey!! just shut up!!! you all suck!! just let miley do what ever she wanna do, dont mind her!!.... you dont even give her breakfast!! then you suddenly act like IDIOTS!!! PATHETIC LOSERS!! MORON!!! humanX!!!


I think miley and demi should still be bffs just over a fight and. trace and demi be together they are a cute couple.and miley an nick should still be together if selena gomez didn't break y'all up she needs to get a live. (and if u are reading this u r my idol I readed ur book "miles to go"I loved it I readed it 2 times!


I love Miley, I really do. But...she HAS to change her ways. She is letting fame get into her head way too much!!! She has to STOP acting like this, she is 16 and acting like an twenty something. Pretty soon she will be another Lindsay Lohan, good thing Hilary Duff didn't let this happen to her.


and bye the way miley you are a very pretty girl and talented girl and i think that jandd1 is right except the mom and dad thing but you are not self centered and please please don't give up and quit being you i love you desty hope and your not a screw up like all those retards that post nasty things about you. and all those nasty things people posted about brittany spears arent true either i mean look at the comback she made!!! I LOVE YOU and once again im praying for you desty hope cyrus!


Miley don't be bothered by HATERS! Those stupid damn idiots don't know what they are talking about i want you to know that im praying for you miley! And You stupid retarded bastards miley is phonomenal and she deleted her twitter so you know what you should just get yourself some lives because karma is a BITCH just like you! P.S Go to hell




though i wish that this was true and demi was getting some brains (lol), she posted perez hilton's version of this story on twitter and said that it's not what she was talking about


*crying* OMG.. i hate these.. I want them to be BFF... But i know they have reasons why to did that..


"(** Miley: this photo was taken at a Hollywood movie premiere, in front of thousands of people. You're an idiot.)" it was taken at the london premiere actually.


Hello?? Miley cyrus in not the only demi lovato's best friend. I think she's referring to selena gomez. The Hollywood Gossip, could you be more objective when reporting something? I think you (Hollywood Gossip) better hire more qualified journalists.