Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato: Major Twitter Tension!

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Over the last few weeks, former fans of Miley Cyrus have turned against the Disney performer.

Many have clearly grown sick of her self-serving Twitter messages; her inappropriate acts on stage; her blatant lying over a relationship with Liam Hemsworth.

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But we had no idea this tension extended all the way to Miley's supposedly best friends... until now! Over the weekend, Cyrus posted this photograph of herself and Demi Lovato on Twitter:

Miley and Demi: BFFs no more?!?

The image is months old, taken from a premiere of Miley's Hannah Montana movie, and it was accompanied by this message from Cyrus:

Now this is what true friendship looks like. None of that hollywood crap.** @ddlovato I miss you :)

Lovato's immediate, cryptic reply? Yeah... It's just kind of hard to miss somebody that I don't know anymore.

Ouch! Instead of asking the usual question - why are these two holding a private conversation over a public forum? - we're gonna focus on the reason why Demi might be mad at Miley.

She did break up with Cyrus' brother, Trace, in July. But the friendship seemed stable despite that awkward situation. Perhaps Lovato is simply as sick with Miley's antics as the rest of us.

After all, it must be difficult to remain close with someone that only thinks about herself.

(** Miley: this photo was taken at a Hollywood movie premiere, in front of thousands of people. You're an idiot.)


MILEY I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Miley Cyrus, why do you have to think about yourself all the time?


Demi's not mad at Miley, shes mad at Selena. The comment she put on the picture was referring to Selena, since Selena has been hanging out with Taylor swift instead of Demi. I'm on Demi's side!


Oh my god, you guys are so dumb, look, it was a JOKE! You guys suck at over reading things!


I think that miley just mis demi but demi is just not feeling like being friends with her because she doesn't know her anymore i totally get it it's kinda mine situation (with mine ex-bestfriend)


To Arie :"Miley is such a slut she took a pic of her in the shower for nick jonas, she took half naked pics, got a TATTOO underneath her left breast. She is a self centered bitch. Selena Gomez and demi lovato are normal celebs not sluts. I'm glad i don't look up to miley she can go to hell." None of the things you have stated about prove that she's a bitch or she's self centred! The only bitch here is you bcuz you are trashing someone behind their back and you dont even know them personally! so congratulations! :)


Demi cleared up this rumor by saying that her tweet was not directed towards Miley and said they are still bffs! And they were talking a lot just before Miley deleted her twitter! They still call and text each other all the time! Demi has said that she looks upto Miley! So there's no problem going on b/w them!


Noo, I think he did demi's brother miley miley if that has changed way too into their clothing, for example in his concerts ... for wanting to be the center of attention of all and then demi said the right thing is hard to miss or know someone who does not see it so? demi is a good good person :)


I am soonish sick of Miley Cyrus im sick of hearing about her im sick of seeing her half dressed on stage and on TV (teen choice awards)im sick off her in general!


szia Miley demi jól énekeltek

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