Michelle Obama Hoops it Up

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Coolest. First. Lady. Ever.

Peeps may mock President Barack Obama's Nobel Prize win or lack of accomplishments to date, but political opinions aside, how cool is his wife Michelle Obama?

While hosting a children's health fair, Michelle worked a hula hoop on the White House lawn yesterday, showing the cute little tykes how to put your back into it!

Amazingly, she even looked fashionable in the process. Are there any Michelle Obama pictures that aren't flattering? We'd like to see Laura Bush try this ...

As her husband tries to jump through political hoops to cajole Congress into passing health care reform, Michelle Obama settles for the hula variety on the lawn.


woooo is this going to change things ?


Everyone (first two posters) need to calm down!
She helps out in a childs fair for the day and everyone jumps on it. may I repeat - childrens_health_fair... if you're so concerned about her not giving back or helping, then what exactly do you call what she was doing? just lazing around?


Jeez, people. Haven't you ever heard of a human interest story?


Laura Bush was too busy caring about the women's health initiative so unfortunately she couldn't be as cool as Michelle Nobama.


Being the leader of the free world is all about having fun and getting nothing done. Typical.


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