Michael Vick to Star in New Reality Show

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He's free of the big house. Now Michael Vick wants to get out of doghouse.

Sorry, but it's true. In an attempt to remake is image, the NFL star and dogfighting kingpin is taking to reality TV, with a show beginning early next year.

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Tentatively titled The Michael Vick Project, the show will air on BET.

Its focus will be his comeback with the Philadelphia Eagles player and the struggles he's endured off the field - namely the 2007 arrest for orchestrating a dog fighting ring that landed him in federal prison for almost two years.

"I just want people to really get to know me as an individual," Vick said last week. "What I want to do is change the perception of me. I am a human being. I've made some mistakes in the past, and I wish it had never happened."

"But it's not about how you fall, but about how you pick yourself up."

Michael Vick is trying to reinvent Michael Vick. Will America buy it?

Vick, who took his first snap in the regular season two weeks ago, has publicly apologized for running the ring, appeared on 60 Minutes and spoken to kids.

He has remained humble and is now looking to rehab his tarnished image. What better place to do that than reality TV, right? PETA, for one, begs to differ.

"People who abuse animals don't deserve to be rewarded," PETA spokesman Dan Shannon told the Los Angeles Times. "They shouldn't be given multimillion-dollar contracts ... or given the privilege of being a role model."

We sort of see that, but he did go to prison, Dan. Also, couldn't Vick do more to further animal rights causes, if he is indeed sincere, due to the exposure?

Thoughts? Would you watch a Michael Vick reality show?


Hmmm... I don't know if a reality show is the best way to go. I think he's doing a really good job of re-inventing his image but I think a reality show would make it look like it was all for show.


yeah what he did was really worng. but i think it is time for people to get over it. hes right everyone makes mistakes (maybe not as big as his)


He is probably paying THEM to do this show...


the TO show was pretty good, so maybe this will be too lol


This is so wrong. This guys getting paid millions because he committed a crime and now is exploiting it. RIDICULOUS!


I don't know what to think of it really..

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