Michael Lohan: Lindsay is a Sad, Hollow Person

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Today on the Maury Povich Show, which is apparently still on the air, Michael Lohan reached out to his daughter Lindsay, a.k.a. the walking obituary.

M-Lo, who like his BFF Jon Gosselin is a candidate for Worst Parent of the Year, says Lindsay is deteriorating rapidly due to prescription drug abuse.

"There's nothing left of her," he said. "I was out in L.A. with her about three weeks ago when her house got robbed. She called me up at 3:30 a.m."

"She said, 'Daddy, come out here.' I flew out and couldn't even look at her. I had to go outside and cry. I hugged her. it's just a hollow, hollow person."

He then looked at the camera and said: "Lindsay, I love you with all my heart. I am not going to bury you. You're going to bury me before this is over."

Just what everyone wants to envision. Their dad's death. Moving.

M-Lo Blows

Michael Lohan just wants the best for Lindsay. Yeah, right.

"I will do anything and everything I have to to save your life. Whether mom likes it, or the public likes it, I am going to take all the steps I can to help you because I want you to have your life back. You're not in the right state of mind."

"You're my daughter, honey, and I can do this anymore."

The rumors and evidence of LiLo's slow, painful and inevitable demise have been rampant these days. We certainly know she sucks at fashion and life.

But on Thursday, Lindsay said that "Everything is good. I am in a really good place. I've been working a lot. I literally slept the entire day yesterday. I woke up, and it was like 10 o'clock at night. I was like, 'I have stuff to do!'"

Asked about her father, Lindsay said: "I just wish he would shut up."

Classic. Here's Michael Lohan on Maury Povich today ...


he really needs to just shut up.


as her father this jerk should be trying to get her the help she needs instead of trying to steal her spot light
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and still shoving her in the spot light going and talking like this to the networks


this is his responsibility, he and his ex was the ones that shoved her in the spot light


i do not understand why this man is trying to "help" his daughter by going on television? he cant make money off his daughters fame with these stunts !


lindsay used to be such a great actress


i can't believe that his ex wife was trying to make their other daughter famous too, it's like she learned nothing at all from her first mistake. so selfish of her


as her dad, he and his ex wife are both responsible by putting their daughter in show business and letting her spiral out of control into the person she became


i feel sad for her but he is not helping his daughter at all by making himself more famous


Sigh, Lindsay needs to get back on track though.

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