Melrose Place Spoiler Pic: Heather Locklear Returns!

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You've heard the rumors.

Then, you read the confirmation: Heather Locklear is reprising her role as Amanda Woodward on Melrose Place.

Now, you can actually see the character in action again, as Locklear has filmed her first scenes on the rebooted CW series.

Amanda will return on November 17, portraying the boss of Katie Cassidy's Ella. It's set to be a battle of the bitches, which fans can preview below. This is a shot of Locklear on her debut episode:

Back on Melrose

Follow our link to check out more images of Locklear in her return as Amanda!


its so weird seeing all the new epople in it, but its still a great show


i cant wait until amanda returns, its going to be freat, and sooo bitchy!


this show would be nothing if it didnt have heather locklear in it!


i wonder if her coming to the show will shake things up


i really hope the show doesn't get canceled


i love this show =]


I never watched the old one but the new one is alright. Still trying it out to see if I like it.


i don't like the new one to be honest


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