Marge Simpson Playboy Photos: Revealed!

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Whether they somehow ran out of loose, bleach-blonde chicks with fake breasts, Hugh Hefner is really losing it or they just decided to mix things up for some more PR, the Marge Simpson Playboy pictures are causing quite a stir.

Posing seductively with donuts and revealing side boob like Lindsay Lohan during a night of clubbing, Marge isn't holding back. What on earth would Homer say?!

Probably something along the lines of "d'oh-yeah, baby!" Sorry.

We posted the cover a week ago, then brought you excerpts from Marge's "interview" with the men's magazine. Now a few more pics from her nude spread are out.

Creepy or classic? Click to enlarge, then vote in our survey ...

Marge Simpson Playboy Stats
Marge Simpson Playboy Photo
Marge Simpson Naked
Marge Simpson Nude
Marge Simpson Topless
Marge Simpson Bikini Pic

The Marge Simpson Playboy pics are ...


uhm there kinda friggn HOTT I LOVE IT HAHA JK


Marge Simpson ok what is going on probably would of been better if they put Lois Griffin from Family Guy or Francine from American Dad. I'm just wondering who really wants to see these photos of a cartoon characters.


definitely creepy. still funny though


angelina he did and he drew this too i heard


make the word above "out of touch" oups, sticky fingers


agreed. totally weird. still love the simpsons though. you can watch full episodes anytime on Fancast :)


these pictures make me super horny... i like to hump my tv when it comes on now


I think it was an amazing ideal and I love the pics
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i think that they are hilarious used to watch the simpsons all they time like the movie they came out with

Avatar is kinda funny...but weird...but i always watch The Simpsons Show everyday, well not everyday just sometimes...and in that show Marge Simpsons is an intelligent and nice women....