Marge Simpson Playboy Photos: Revealed!

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Whether they somehow ran out of loose, bleach-blonde chicks with fake breasts, Hugh Hefner is really losing it or they just decided to mix things up for some more PR, the Marge Simpson Playboy pictures are causing quite a stir.

Posing seductively with donuts and revealing side boob like Lindsay Lohan during a night of clubbing, Marge isn't holding back. What on earth would Homer say?!

Probably something along the lines of "d'oh-yeah, baby!" Sorry.

We posted the cover a week ago, then brought you excerpts from Marge's "interview" with the men's magazine. Now a few more pics from her nude spread are out.

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The Marge Simpson Playboy pics are ...



Nicely done. In keeping with Playboy's long-standing tradition of tasteful nudes, this is neither needlessly revealing nor overly suggestive. What we are shown is Marge as a woman - the frame upon which hang the various hats and suits she wears: mother, wife, mediator, adventurer, entrepreneur. I only wish they had used the hair she sported as Ms Bouvier - the straight, flowing tresses that would give way to an incredible pile of curls. I like natural hair more than coiffure; so sue me.


I really have to wonder is funny and all, but playboy must be running out of perfect blondes with implants to do this


They had to come up with something, since the girls next door was broken and all of the next generation starletts are either pregnant or not old enough yet.


i do angelina, i find these arousing, my dick is hard and i wanna masturbate


i think its perverted a little like kmon its a yellow person really


My idea of Marge nude was completely different than what I see. She must let her hair down first, thats a must for any Playboy fan indeed. This is how I would have drawn her. First completely nude in a suductive, non Hustler type manner. Sexy and clean by all means. Her flowing blue hair, tan lines from a string bikini straight off the shores of South Beach are a must with a bunny just above her blue pubic hair line, that has obviously been waxed into the shape of a heart. Relaxing on a bear skin rug infront of a roaring fireplace. Playboy you really dropped the ball on this one, especially mine! Leave the cartoons to the professionals.


After being forced to see barts doodle they owe us a naked marge


i think this is great FINALLY there will be naked pictures of marge simpson on the internet


damn, what a hottie!


I think this playboy edition is cool whoever thinks otherwise doesn't have an open mind about their sexuality and are haters because Marge looks hell of better then they would look on playboy

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