Lindsay Lohan to Michael: Try Being a Real Dad!

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Lindsay Lohan may be a train wreck, but she's got a point here.

The alleged actress says she's tired of her dad, Michael Lohan, relentlessly slamming her in the press and using her for attention "as she tries to heal."

Okay, she's got half a point. Trying to heal? Not very hard, LL.

"I'm so hurt that this person who calls himself my father, needs to use the press to communicate with me," Lohan said in response to Michael's desired plan for a conservatorship over his daughter to protect her from destruction.

In an interview with Maury Povich that aired last Friday, the actress' father reached out to his daughter, claiming her health is rapidly deteriorating.

"There's nothing left of her," he said, noting that he "can't even look at her ... I just cry. When I hugged her, it's just this hollow, hollow person."

Lindsay Lohan says she's cut off all ties with her dad.

"I have not spoken to my father, nor have I responded to his threatening and erratic messages over the last several months," she tells Us Weekly.

"It's so sad that he needs to stay in the media spotlight by using my name and making up excessive lies. He should instead trying be a real father."

This concludes our latest installment of the Lohan family drama. We know where we stand at this point, but a couple of pressing questions linger:

Stay tuned.


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I think they'd be better off just working it out... away from magazines and tabloids and tv specials, twitter and blogs. they should just talk. maybe that's help.


I don't know who the biggest hypocrite is, Michael or Lindsay Lohan.
They're family though, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree


Lindsay should talk-she is a real joke! Lindsay is pathetic, an attention-whore, a hypocrite, and does not take life seriously at all! Lindsay should GROW-UP and be IN JAIL!


Lindsay-Why don't you try to complete your probation and classes in the required time? Why don't you STOP drinking, doing drugs, making EXCUSES, and making a MESS of yourself? Why don't you GROW-UP, SHUT-UP, and SLAM yourself? Lindsay is an UGLY DRUNK DRUGGIE NO-TALENT LOSER!

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