Levi Johnston Busts a Nut

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For Levi Johnston, baby daddy of Bristol Palin, it's time to get crackin'.

Literally. Dude is cracking some serious nut in an ad for pistachios.

We're serious. For whatever reason, Levi is in a new commercial for Wonderful Pistachios, accompanied by his enormous bodyguard and manager, Tank.

The tagline? "Now Levi Johnston does it with protection." Unreal.

It's probably good Tank was on hand for the filming of this commercial, and he might want to stick around for awhile after. Todd Palin is going to try to run Levi's ass over with a snow machine if he sees this during the local news ...

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Well if you got em show em..... Baby show me!!!!!!


whatt?? tf?


oh come on people i dont blam him for doing this haha. i dont see what he is doing wrong. hes hott


Guys a real loser.


I'm kinda wondering why he's even getting 15 minutes of fame.


That is a man for you got his jolly and now is braging about.


Sorry, no matter how cute or hot he might be, he still impregnated a girl and now is making money off of it by joking about it. Tasteless as far as I am concerned. Yeah, I would want THIS guy as a better half?? No thanks. If a guy can't be respected, he isn't worth it.


I usually take peanuts to the high school football games on Friday nights but I think I'm going to start taking pistachios instead.


love the shirt....


Funny stuff, but he needs to stop trying to squeeze out a 16th minute.