Leah Ignagni: The Other Steve McNair Mistress

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According to Nashville, Tenn., police, Leah Ignagni was dating the late NFL star Steve McNair at the time of his July 4 murder at the hands of lover Sahel Kazemi.

The other other woman recalled seeing a woman in a black Cadillac Escalade parked outside his condo 2-3 weeks before his murder. It is not clear who owns it.

However, Leah Ignagni also said the woman followed her and that she later saw the Escalade circling her block or parked outside her apartment 1-2 weeks later.

A 2007 black Escalade was co-registered to Sahel Kazemi and Steve McNair.

This backs up earlier case details that stated Kazemi was suspicious of McNair being involved with someone else. McNair was also married and had children.

Steve McNair mistresses Leah Ignagni, left, and Sahel Kazemi.

Leah Ignagni told police that McNair visited her around 4 a.m. on July 2, just a couple of hours after Kazemi's DUI arrest, and then the former Tennessee Titans star spent the night at Ignagni's apartment before leaving early July 3.

If this is to be believed, Steve McNair went to Leah Ignagni's house after he got Sahel Kazemi out of jail, which may have been the catalyst for herĀ  murdering McNair then turning the gun on herself in the grisly murder-suicide.

Another theory was that McNair was about to break things off with Kazemi, who wanted to marry McNair, who was unwilling to end his marriage to wife Mechelle.

As for Leah Ignagni, she's still living in Nashville, just a footnote in a cautionary tale and one of the most tragic stories in a year full of them.


Justice has been served!! If you cannot make a positive contribution to our society fate generally will settle the
score!! I get so tired of all the harrahs for people like McNair
when in reality they are nobodys with a pocketful of money or access to it!!


Whomever killed the motherfuKKer did his wife and kids a favor. The cheating motherfucKKer. People want to make him out of this freakin martyr because he was a pro ball player. I betcha his ass won't be cheating anymore.


McNair paid a high price for being with strange women, did he not? I hope that other men are taking heed in the sports arena, and entertainment world. Having alot of money does not give you license to lay around and cheat on your significant other. The second mistress is fortunate that she was not murdered along with McNair. He played the cheating game and brought shame, upon himself.


I'm trippin because was the wife ever a suspect? Maybe I watch too much TV, but usually the surviving spouse is at least questioned and cleared. I live in Nashville and I'm also trippin because the police are now releasing more information on the case since the CBS This Morning report aired that blew the investigation out the water. The timeline that was so constructively created no longer fits, so will the case be reopened? Who did it? Can he really RIP with his killer still walking the streets; I never thought it was Sahel Kazemi.


I think a whole different aspect of this is the NFL leadership.
They honor McNair by wearing patches on their uniform. This is
not right in a moralistic way. Was the man not a cheat to his wife and children? No one seems to take this organization to task for
this. Where are all the womans'rights organiztions on this matter?


Steve McNair sure got around
Feel badly for his family.


@ seattlemitch, the word BOY does not do it anymore. It's merely a word. How do we know you don't cheat? Who are we to judge anyway, he'll meet his maker and get what's due like we all will.


He got what he deserved.....I am married and could cheat,BUT I DO NOT!!!!!!! JUST ANOTHER black BOY who cant keep a committment to his own FAMILY!!!!!!!!!


Poor kids. As for Tony, u r just a ho. And for MissB & juicy: so it's ok that Mechelle was played & looked like a fool cuz she got all da assets...whateva


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