Larry Birkhead to Appear on Millionaire Matchmaker?

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Larry Birkhead already has one special lady in his life.

Now he's reportedly going on reality TV to find another.

The ex-boyfriend of the late Anna Nicole Smith and father to her daughter Dannielynn is in talks to appear on Bravo's Millionaire Matchmaker, reports say.

"We are actually working, maybe, with Larry Birkhead," the show's star Patti Stanger herself said at the Fox Reality Channel Really Awards in Los Angeles.

"We are looking [into] that."

SIDE NOTE: Larry Birkhead is a millionaire?

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Stanger, who just got engaged to Andy Friedman, says she already has history with Danniellyn's mom, who she set up with billionaire J. Howard Marshall.

Yup, the one whose son she allegedly wanted to murder.

"I knew Anna Nicole," Stanger said, wanting to help out her baby daddy now. "I fixed her up back in the day and I want that child to have a great mom."

But the professional love coach doesn't think Birkhead's mate should be a star. Instead, she would match him with an "all American, down to earth girl."

Hopefully, a nice girl that likes shaggy hair, long walks on the beach and posing for celebrity gossip magazine photo shoots with Dannielynn a lot.

Patti adds that the future Mrs. Larry Birkhead should be "a nurse or a teacher that’s not into all of this who would be a good stay-at-home mother."

Tell us, ladies, would you date Larry Birkhead?


Too bad about the court ruling. Guess Larry will have to get a job, after all! Hopefully, he won't continue to exploit his daughter.


the greatest gift is not found in a store nor under a tree, but in the hearts of true friends


this guy creeps me out i dont understand how he could appear on millionaire matchmaker, when hes not the one with all the money, his daughter is


Anna met Howard Marshall at a "gentleman's club" in Texas. This lady is feeling you a line, unless she's admitting to stripping "back in the day." To those who care to research the truth of how Anna met Howard has been published over and over, including IN COURT DOCUMENTS!


Larry Birkhead is GAY ! He lives with his boyfriend in Hollywood because BF is Hollywood reporter.


omfg... this is just sick... he needs to be looking after his daughter!!!!!!!!


and i highly doubt he ever earned enough money to be a millionaire, maybe his daughter did but not him


this guy needs to take care of his kid and not continue trying to be famous


thats a stupid idea for a program

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