Lamar Odom Working on Prenup, Has Balls

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Lamar Odom and Khloe Kardashian are officially man and wife ... at least as far as the lavish ceremony and wedding pictures in magazines are concerned.

As far as the wedding being legally binding, however? That hasn't gone down yet. But Lamar has met with his lawyer to hash out a prenuptial agreement.

Odom went to the Beverly Hills law office of divorce-guru Neal Hersh last Friday to hash out terms. Odom's peeps say that "Lamar has a set of balls."

Translation: He's not giving Khloe half of anything.

According to reports, Lamar insists on a prenup that guarantees money and other assets he brings into the contrived marriage are solely his.

Taking it several steps beyond that, rumor has it that Lamar does not wish to give Khloe half of his (significant) earnings going forward, either.

Lamar signed a four-year, $33 million contract with the L.A. Lakers in July.

How will the baller's stance play with his fake bride Khloe Kardashian?

No clue, but we're sure we'll find out on a very special episode of Khloe and Kourtney Take Miami. We'll also learn what kravings Kourtney has this week.

How long will the marriage last?


This marriage will so not last more than a few months at most.


he is doing the right thing!


I think that he is doing the right thing. She need to make sure that she does the same thang cause this marriage isn't going to last long.


good for him. she has her own money anyways. hes being smart about it. and i think they are good together. i hope they stay together for a good long timee.


he is making a good decision!!!


He's making a smart discission, I think. It doesn't mean he doesn't love her.


I think thats a normal thing for someone who has as much money as he does to want a prenup and obv. Khloe doesn't have a problem with it, she has her own money for everything she needs. I think there marriage is real to them, how long it lasts who knows but no one gets married thinking its going to end sometimes people just change so we will see how long this goes, I mean we will get to see it pretty much every step of the way....which is kinda sad lol


I know pre-nups are necessary, but they seem so ... not loving. The person you marry is supposed to be the person you trust your life with... not the person you half-expect to marry you and take your stuff.

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