Lady Gaga Performs "Imagine" at HRC Dinner

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Lady Gaga performed at the Human Rights Campaign's National Dinner Saturday night. Before her speech, the hitmaker and rumored hermaphrodite said that she was upset that homophobia still runs rampant in the music industry.

Gaga, who is proud of her unofficial status as a gay icon, announced she would be marching for equality in the group's Equality March on Washington, D.C.

She went on stage to give a nice speech about the importance of treating all humans the same, before performing a version of John Lennon's "Imagine."

Musically, it was fairly subdued and average, although it was a serious occasion, so a departure from last week's SNL cat fight with Madonna was appropriate.

For the HRC, which also boasted a speech by Barack Obama over the weekend, her moving performance (which included improvised lyrics) spoke volumes.

Check out the video of Lady Gaga performing "Imagine" below ...


Hmm. Love her but this is very average.


Gosh!!! Will she ever stop pretending or what!!! I'm done watching her being "classy"....She is so fake!


shes a weird weird girl, she looked better before fame took over!


Her speech at the front was pretty nice, hahah.


She is such a creeper, i do not listen to her anymore, its scary! at the VMAs she looked like a bloody tampon!


she is talented and it is good she stands up for what she believes in


she is strange but talented and showed class my toning it down for the event


I think Lady G has a good heart. Also loved the fact that her hair and dress were appropriate to the occasion. She knows when to tone it down! Not all artists can let go of their own egos long enough to do what's right.


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