Lady GaGa in Concert: Penis Free!

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Might this put to rest the Lady GaGa hermaphrodite rumors?

(We can't believe we just wrote that sentence.)

But the controversial singer sparked controversy in early August by appearing on stage and posing with a certain appendage seemingly hanging from her crotch.

She's since said her vagina is "very offended" by the penis chatter, but such a defense hasn't quieted all critics. Perhaps the following images will.

During a concert at Washington D.C.'s Constitution Hall this week, the last stop on her Fame Ball Tour, Lady GaGa performed without pants - and, based on visual evidence, without any male private parts. Where would they be hiding in the pictures below?

Penis Free
Smooth Buttocks

Lady Gaga appears to be well-shaven, oddly dressed and penis free. [Photos: Splash News]


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i think she has


leave lady gaga alone plz she didnt do anything wrong 2 u guys so dont go spreading rumors about her maybe she is half man and half women well i believe she is 100% women and datz de truth believe it or no she is a women not a man how wud u feel if nearly everybody in de world went sreading rumors about u dont say u wouldnt care cuz u wud feel so so bad datz probaly how lady gaga is feelin now so just copan and leave lady gaga ALONE!!! plz


I still believe the video for the time being. Unless she actually poses naked. She could easily tuck her little buddy between her legs or pulled up into the waistband of her panties. You can't see that well from those pictures.


or instead of her bein all none guy her/his dick could have went in her vagina area soo yea just giving some ideas. dont judge me..


-omq how did this commotion ever start with her bein a tranzi? she looks nothinq or sounds anythinq like a quy. she is qorqoues and like she said becuase she's bi doesnt mean shes a tranzvestdite and these pictures just prove it. so people need to shutup and leave her alone.


Who knows, she could have one... maybe she doesn't... I'm sure she has enough costume people and designers to hide a penis pretty convincingly... I mean... if they can make Brittney Spears look good on stage, I don't think it would be hard to hide a penis for them either. :S Just my opinion. Lady Gaga should really put a "toxic waste" sign over her vag or whatever he/she has so that people are at least warned, less law suits that way Lady Gaga, maybe you should take that advice. :P


i am sure she have a penis in her at all times


lol...she's totally a character of her own


I think that she is better off this way. They were already having fighting before it even began. She is weird but pretty good just kind of freaks me out a little . VMA's lord help me!!!!!!

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