Lady Gaga and Madonna on SNL: Cat Fight!

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It's not often you get to see two famous blondes cat-fighting in leather lingerie and thigh-high boots on mainstream television. Well, not that often.

But this is Lady GaGa we're talking about, and her adversary on Saturday Night Live last night was none other than her idol, pop legend Madonna.

Ryan Reynolds may have been the host of SNL last night, but it was Lady Gaga who provided the most notable moments (to the surprise of no one).

She said a four-letter-word ("Dancing to that sh!t on the radio") during a song, then appeared in the periodic house-music sketch, "Deep House Dish."

In the sketch, Kenan Thompson and Andy Samberg host a show devoted to the latest in dance and techno. It's very random. And a natural fit for Gaga.

It wasn't long before Lady Gaga and Madonna - in a surprise cameo - launched into a full-on cat-fight replete with hair-pulling, pushing and wrestling...

Lady Gaga, Madonna

Fortunately, the two were separated and placed on either side of Thompson while they cooled off until they kissed and made up. Britney is so jealous.

Nice to see that the practical joking pair can poke fun at their rivalry. And that Lady Gaga does not appear to be a hermaphrodite. That'd just be weird.

Check out the sketch of Madonna and Lady Gaga on SNL below ...

GaGa has previously compared herself to the Material Girl, saying, “We’re both Italian-American women, we both started out in the New York underground scene - and we both became famous when we dyed our hair blonde."

“I think what Madonna and I share is that we’re both fearless.”

Follow the jump for another video from last night's show of Gaga performing her hit song "Paparazzi." No dramatically staged bloody deaths this time ...

[video url="" title="Lady Gaga Performing on SNL"] [/video]


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