Kristen Stewart Pictures: A GQ-tie

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Last year, when Kristen Stewart posed for a GQ photo shoot, she was scarcely a well-known actress.

Fast forward a few months and there may not be a bigger name in Hollywood. With the exception of Kristen's boyfriend, Robert Pattinson, that is.

Now, has uncovered a handful of outtakes from the magazine's spread with the Twilight Saga star. You'll never believe it, but Stewart doesn't crack a smile the entire time.

It's unclear why Kristen is so unhappy. Her professional life and her personal life have never beeen better.

Send Stewart a positive, mood-altering message now and then click on the pics below for a closer look at these GQ images:

Courtesy of GQ
Drinking to Twilight
Posing for GQ
Twilight Saga Actress
Laila cullen

she looks really nice I dont understad why people have to judge her Just coz she doesnt make her life public does not mean shes not happy....U NID TO LEAVE HER ALONE


it says It's unclear why Kristen is so unhappy. Her professional life and her personal life have never beeen better. but then it says thse pics were taken b4 she did twilight. so how was it that her career has neva been betta? btw just cuz she is not smiling in a photo shoot doesnt meen she is grumpy. and wen papparazzi take pictures the celebrities dont actually know so obviously their not smiling. i meen who smiles 24/7 i dont.


She doesn't look that good in these pics. :(


aww sorry but these pictures are far worse than others.
plus she is not with RP.


Who says a celebrity, no matter who they are, are "required" to smile. How do you know she is "unhappy", is your name Kristen Stewart? Here is one of this generations most beautiful and talented actresses being thrown to the sharks once again by some ass of a tabloid/gossip rag. Sick of this shit.


she always looks grumpy! she may not like the fame but she should be thankful because there are a lot of people worse off than her!


She is gorgeous!


i think that she is talented


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