Kristen Stewart Gives Fans the Finger

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In an interview with Interview magazine, Kristen Stewart says often feels bored with herself.

Hopefully, that's the reason she chose to mix it up in her photo spread with the publication, as the actress is seen below looking dark, mysterious... and angry.

The anti-Kim Kardashian, Stewart is one to shy away from fame. She never seeks out a camera and admits that the entire concept of celebrity is foreign and scary.

That's fine, even respectable. But does she really need to flip readers off in order to make her point? This is a shot of the actress inside Interview:

Then again, perhaps we're taking this the wrong way.

Stewart may be saying Eff You to the supermarket tabloids that continue to make up lies about her personal life.

Or she may be saying Ef You to boyfriend Robert Pattinson. If that's the case, it's more of an invitation than an insult.

Either way, click on the pics below for more shots of Kristen from this magazine:

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kristen steward is a bitch. rude, dumb, and dirty whore.


Back at ya, babe


I'm not really sure though, so don't go getting mad at me.


Did she really have to do that? In photo shoots, there are directors too right? Maybe that's their idea.


Maybe Kristen will read this one of these days... I just love her as an actress and maybe as a person.. She handles everything easily.. She's still a person like us after all. She needs a 'lil, maybe just a very 'lil privacy... SHOOOOO paparazzi...


Geez chill off kristen. No need to be rude


shes not a great actress, but she loves what she does and does it for her craft, not for the fame




pfft........the people probably told her what to do........


just bcuz she is putting her fingure up in this pic does not mean she is saying f u to anyone. in a photo shoot she doesnt get to decide what to do. her hair and make up is done by everything else. and the poses are made up mostly by the photographer. anyway it is just a picture its not like she did it to anyone out in public. and i would be annoyed if i has people saying i was pregnant when i was not and following me everywhere i went. i would want some peace and quiet too. and also she never actually sed i hate doing twilight. twilight was a big mistake. all she said was it was getting eally broing just sating in her hotel. and really annoying with papparzzi and people making rumors up about hr that arent true.