Kris Allen Does Britney Spears

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Don't let this headline fool you: Kris Allen has not had sex with Britney Spears.

Instead, the American Idol champion has done something far cooler and far less disgusting: he performed a concert for the students of Ohio’s Seton High School because they raised $5,000 for breast-cancer research.

As part of his one-man show, Allen covered Britney's first hit, "... Baby One More Time" like only he can: with soul, passion and an acoustic guitar.

The performance was reminiscent of his incredible "Heartless" rendition during his run to the Idol crown this spring. We'll purchase Allen's debut album when it comes out on November 17 no matter what.

But wouldn't it be cool if it was filled with nothing but acoustic versions of known songs? Watch the video of Kris doing Britney below:

Which version of this single do you prefer? Britney's sexed-up pop smash? Or Allen's down-to-earth serenade?


different types so cant really say :)


I have to laugh at this. He, however, sang it again as a surprise cover with the whole band in a long version of it, at the tailgate party of the Miami/Dolphins game. It was so good. Loved it.


maybe him and britney could sing this song together, that would be awesome!


this is very different, and there shouldnt be a question asking who sings it better, because they both sing it so different


I would love to hear him sing other pop idol songs:)


he has a gREAT voice, but not sure who sings it better


LOL. Both singers have a different feel to it. hahah.


Kris's version much better by far .. Loved it


Kris will not cover songs for the rest of his life. He is a very good songwriter and has a self-released album full of beautiful sonds to his credit. His debut album is coming out and it's fullof co-writes and songs he has solely written.
He covered Britney's song at the request of the students as a song he loves to sing in the shower,LOL!
He's very talented and is going to pleasantly suprise people.


loved it.....


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