Kourtney Kardashian Kraves Kupcakes, Publicity

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While we wanna smack sense into Kourtney Kardashian with one hand (seriously, shut the heck up and stop using your impending child as a PR tool!), we gotta give her a pat on the back with the other.

Even while pregnant, the socialite is taking a page from her sisters and shilling for an unhealthy product.

A Kardashian Khristmas

Earlier this week, Kourtney Tweeted about how much she's craving a treat from Hollywood bakery Famous Cupcakes - for which she's a paid spokeswoman, of course - for breakfast.

"Honestly it's worth the LBs. Those famous cupcakes are sooooo addicting. I need rehab! LOL Immm obsessed!" she wrote.

Here's something else to LOL about: Kourtney is pimping herself out for cupcakes; while Kim and Khloe have sold themselves out for QuickTrim, a cleansing weight loss supplement.

In other words, in the ideal world of the Kardashians, fans would fatten themselves up on sweets - and then grossly clean themselves out with this dietary tool.

Are these women great role models for women's health and body image or what?!?


mmmm, cupcakes are always good and you just gotta have the pregnancy cravings. That's a given come on


she looks great in that pict though :)


congrats to her on her pregnancy


I think all the girls are realy pretty and the weight loss is normal they always feel so much pressure from the public. everyone should leave them alone.


i dont see a prob with her. i think she is great. at least she is truthfull


Well, hopefully the baby isn't black. She'll get kicked in her ass if she continues to talk of her pregnancy ..


She is really annoying, she has no talent and should not be given any more press than she's already gotten.


what do you mean thats what you get for being prego "Melanie" she never complaind about it she said its worth it. im happy for her.


She looks great! ^^


What a role model for kids.. getting knocked up by an on-again-off-again douchebag.. great message. And way to whore out what should be a beautiful and private 9 months.

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