Kim Kardashian Kan't Act

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Note to Kim Kardashian: stick to starring in sex tapes.

The reality TV vixen makes her sitcom debut tonight, appearing as a version of herself in a scene with Michael Strahan on the abysmal sitcom Brothers.

In the scene below, she confronts - and punches! - the former New York Giants linebacker after rumors have spread that she's knocked up with his child.

“It’s something that you learn along the way,” she said of scripted acting, which is surprising considering she does it each week on Keeping Up with the Kardashians. “You do it angry, then you play along with it a little bit and do it flirty, you try and think, ‘Okay. What do they want? And how would you really do it in real life?' You just go through different scenarios in your mind."

Kim says she could see more acting gigs in her future. As for her sisters:

"Maybe not Kourtney. She’s way more low-key and not really into it. And now that she’s having a baby she probably wouldn’t. I definitely see Khloe.”


@say im not dumb and i don't like kim anymore because she did botox


To be honest, those two guys are worse actors... they are sooooo bad!


yeah right .. broad .. typo!!


thats broad"""""""


This fake braod can not act at all, that was so phoney and scripted till i fell out laughing> She cant even act good in a sex tape, the tape was sorry and stupid and all her fake booty in jected butt did was smile for the camera.. fake ho!


i wonder who encouraged her to do the whole head bob, hair swish, pause for dramatic effect, and throw terrible punch.
she should just keep her mouth shut.. even with scripted lines, it still comes out sounding like word vomit.


OK I love Kim but girl please just stick to what you do best and that is looking good without speaking. You my darling are no actress. Your good at your reality stuff and good at your sex tape but please dont act anymore it just doesnt suit you.


i think she wore that same outfit on americas next top model. classy lady hahaha
terrible acting


This beyotch CANNOT ACT!!


You are dumb. Kim is a useless wannabe celeb whore with no talent. Learn how to spell too...


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