Kevin Federline: Even Bigger Dirtbag Than Assumed

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Kevin Federline is such trash.

This has been widely known for more than five years, but the full extent of his loserdom is only clear after reading reports of what he did to the Tarzana, Calif., home he rented until May, when he moved out without paying his last six months' rent.

The owners say Federleezy up and disappeared without paying. But before he split, K-Fed turned their house into a cigarette-riddled, spit-stained cesspool.

The owners are demanding $110,661 in unpaid rent and damages, including:

  • Gutters (!?) full of cigarette butts and beer bottles
  • Drawings all over the walls (blame Sean and Jayden)
  • Permanent spit marks (?!) on exterior paint
  • Broken light covers, tiles and light posts
  • Dead trees and plants due to failure to water
  • A room that he turned into a studio
  • Broken dishwasher ... with broken baskets
  • Dismantled smoke detectors (natch)
  • Front driveway oil-leak damage
  • Bathroom windows tinted
K-Fed Lights One Up

K-Fed, girlfriend Victoria Prince and a mulleted pal kick it outside a bowling alley. Don't light that $5 on fire, Kev. You'll need it. [Photo:]

Not only that, but the loser didn't even return the garage door opener.

We're not sure what's more astonishing here, that someone could actually cause that much damage (you have to really go out of your way to f*%k some of that stuff up) or that Britney Spears had intercourse with him at least twice.

The home owners are threatening to haul his (increasingly fat) ass to court if K-Fed doesn't pay up. Fortunately, he's going on Celebrity Fit Club soon. Maybe he can just wire whatever money he makes straight to these people.


wow he is getting fat :|


He is trailer park trash... I wonder, What was that owner of the house thinking about when he rented to that low life.Did he really think that he would pay and keep it nice and clean. Snap back to reality man. You did this to your self.


He is trailer trash...what did they expect?


ok yes houses can get dirty but he has money to fix them and he should. i dont think brit will have to pay for them. she didnt do any of it. he will have to suck it up and pay for it his damn self.


Lol @samm* It's true though.


You know Brit is goint to be the one who has to pay for all that shit, he obv uses all the money she gives him for food!


Everyone has their problems now and then and houses can get dirty for various reasons. But if Brit is paying him 20,000 or so dollars per MONTH, shouldn't he at least be able to a)pay his rent, b)pay the damages and back rent he owes, and c)own his own place? Surely rent can be made in hollywood on 20K per month.


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