Kendra Wilkinson, Baby Bump Creep Us Out

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We may receive some complaints for this, but THG must tell it like it is:

Pregnancy is not sexy.

Look, our staff loves babies. In the interest of full disclosure, in fact, our Secretary is expecting his first child this spring. But that doesn't mean we need to see knocked up celebrities parading around in a bikini, about to pop.

Especially when that celebrity (let's refer to her as "Kendra Wilkinson") is clearly making money off her state by posing for a supermarket tabloid. It's just creepy all around.

Shockingly, Kendra has not heeded this advice, however, and is featured (in all her pregnant glory) in the latest issue of In Touch Weekly.

Baby Bumped to the Max

Inside the magazine, Kendra keeps grossing us out by explaining how pregnancy has affected her sex life.

"I am a wild girl in bed and I can’t really be that wild anymore because I have limits now. I have 40 extra pounds in my belly, so I get tired easily. But... I have a great man in bed, he definitely knows how to please me."

Way to go, Hank Baskett. We guess.

These photos would be a lot cuter... if they weren't placed in the pages of a celebrity gossip rag.


Kendra looks great and actually to correct you Mari some people did complain when Demi more posed Nude and Pregnant for the cover of Vanity Fair in 1991 personally I believe pregnancy is a beautiful thing and a precious moment in a womans life Kendra is enjoying this blessing as she should be thankfully she's going to get to have her baby some other bigger stars through the years have enjoyed their first pregnancies and had them end in a miscarriage or a stillbirth so they weren't able to enjoy their subsequent successful pregnancies from being scared they'd go through the same heartache of losing a baby again




Ok my opinion:
I think kendra looks great being pregnant, but she looks huge!! Im not going to critizise her because no one is perfect, I never saw here like a hore and nothing like that, i saw her like a normal person like everyone. I think pregnacy is something beautiful to show, a lot of celebrities shows their huge belly on a magazine even in a cover, who doesnt want to see a future mom hapiness?
About her comments of her sexual life being pregnant:
Its normal kendra saying that stuffs in public, is just her way to be, everyone could see that when she was in girls at the playboy mansion, i remember in a episode that they were in christmas, hef gave her a gift of an rugby helmet full of diamonds and she said: "Oh my god I think I had an orgasm" people just laugh when she does that, is just her way to be.dont critizice people if you dont like people doing the same thing to you.


Kendra, dont listen to all this are the kind of female I admire because you do what you want and dont care what people say or think. You also do things that people only wish they were able to do..Just keep in mind the're going to be haters in this world but use them to make you an even better are great, your husband is wonderful and your baby is going to be BEAUTIFUL!!! not everyone can say that!!!! cant wait to see you on t.v again...and most of all MY BLESSINGS TO YOU ALL!!


most of you people need to fucking realise that being pregnant doesnt make you a hoe! and no kendra does not make pregnancy look trashy its a wonderful experience honestly i think people are jealous of her cause she has everything. she beautiful, got a wonderful caring husband money and a baby on the way grow up guys. and what are they saying pregnant people cant waer a fucking bikini!??? thats whats disgusting discriminating against pregnant people thats pathetic man


I totally agree with Yaya leave her alone she looks amazin and she's harmless she wouldn't say those things about you so why say it about her your just jealous, although I don't agree with the sex talk, I might be young (23) but I think that should be between your partner and you but whatever she's happy and you can really tell, bless her I can't wait until she cums to the U.K, what I like most about her is she isn't fake at all (apart from the boobs but don't mean it in that way) she's really Genuin and I'm guessin if you asked her a private question she wouldn't think about it but tell you the truth and I wish more people we're like that to be honest with you. x x


i think Kendra looks cheap in those pictures in a bikini. what is she trying to prove? she looks much better covered one wants to hear about her sex life when shes pregnant. thats just disgusting!!


First of all, pregnant stomachs do look like that if you were actually thin before you were pregnant, second anyone that hasnt been pregnant has no right to judge anyone that has. It is a great and amazing time in a womans life and every woman should have the right to feel sexy, It's actually quite funny because those of you who judge her know when you're pregnant you'll never look that good...Jealousy is a sad thing....She looks great!!


awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww :D


She looks good preggers, at least there's no stretch marks to look at

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