Kate Gosselin to Jon Gosselin: PR Stunt is BS!

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Yesterday, Jon Gosselin said he regretted fondling so many women in public since his separation; and asked a judge to delay divorce proceedings against his estranged, annoying ex-wife.

The douchebag of a reality star claimed he wanted to "regain control over the future of our family" by postponing the official end to his marriage.

Now, Kate Gosselin has a response to this PR move: Bite me!

Hey, Kate!
Limo Rider

An friend of the grating mother says "Kate sees no reason to wait and drag this out. She doesn't think Jon is being sincere in his comments. She thinks it's all a publicity stunt."

And Kate Gosselin knows a thing or two about publicity stunts! Almost as much as Jon knows about tagging every piece of tail that comes his way.

Now that this union appears headed for an official, legal end, only one question remains: Who will get divorced first, Jon and Kate; or Lamar Odom and Khloe Kardashian?

Actually, a second question is also pressing: Who sucks harder?

** UPDATE: Jon is now trying to ban the TLC show from continuing. A letter from his attorney has surfaced, which reads:

"Effective immediately, no production crews are to enter Jon's family home for any reason. In the event that anyone enters the marital property, Jon Gosselin will notify the local authorities to effectuate police action against any trespassers."


How do I get millions of dollars by putting my kid on TV? Two cry babies now looking for support.


Guys.....Don't you think this is good for the children? Jon has halted the production and filming of the children and is this what exactly we want them to do and yet all of you just bashing Jon....
Which is it? What do all of you want? I am personally agree with Jon...yeah!! That's how he is gonna stand up against Kate (the controlling soon-to-be ex-wife). Kate has earned enough money to support all kids if she just don't spend too much $$$ on Starbuck, fly only FIRST class (she refuses to fly coach class). She enjoys getting alot of money.. She can establish her OWN SHOW without the children if she wants to!!! She has been in different shows now and then ... with whom do the children stay? NANNIES!! several of them at a time.


To Teresa, Not sure if you are married or have ever been in a relationship where the other half just will NOT grow up and accept responsability. But when a man acts like a child, you have to treat him like one. That is all Kate has been doing. He acts like a 3 year old and she calls him out on it. Really, it takes love to do that. If you can't be honest with someone and correct them when they're wrong, then it isn't love. You don't show compassion or ignore childish behavior, especially from your spouse. John is a dirtbag. He was skirting around on Kate before they separated while his kids slept. I hope Kate gives up the show. Then, she can go back to nursing and make good $$$$ and he can go back to being a nobody with no skirts to chase. Because when the gravy train leaves town, so will the buzzards.


Ditto the last two comments. Get a real job jon.LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL


I agree with lola LMAO... I hate Jon!!! Cant stand the loser.. What a poor excuse of a man. yuck who in the hell would want to sleep with him? I mean they must have some LOW ASS STANDARDS!!!


the guy is clearly a loser no matter what the situation was within that marriage.... hes a major DOUCHEBAG. anyone defending him clearly hasn't met any decent men lately...


To Teresa wow, i guess there is never any shortage of stupid women out there jumping at the chance to defend some loser man at the expense of another woman. way to represent, you go girl!!!!!


Jon is just a prodigal son, and he can and will come around. He is acting out. He is making a lot of mistakes but we all do, especially if we are lost and confused and do not have wise counsel or good friends. She would not let him have any friends or family around. Kate is the manipulative one and the user. She could no longer control him so she wanted to get out. She would be okay if he was with no one else. She does not want him and she does not want anyone to have him either. Has anyone looked at the show and seen how she treated him, Gee Whiz? He tried to stay and she told him to go get help. Why hasn't any of her family, her mom and dad come to her defense? Notice her family and friends are no where around. She has a toxic personality. I wish people would stop pointing their fingers at John and look at her. She is no angel.


I think is a bag of poop! Do you think he looks happy being around his kids??? Yea right! He's a big phoney!


How does Jon figure Kate would want to spend one more second than necessary married to him after the way he has acted and the interview he gave on GMA. He wants to get control of his family? He could not control simple tasks when he was with the family, what is he going to do now? We do not need to see more of Jon. He needs to get a real job and Let Kate carry on with the kids. Sure, he will see the kids, we just do not need to see him.

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