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The lovely Kari Ann Peniche and other upstanding Z-listers be taking part in the latest spinoff of Celebrity Rehab, Sex Rehab with Dr. Drew, beginning November 1.

The stimulating new VH1 series will tackle the widely unexamined and wildly uninhibited world of sex addiction. The pleasure begins building at 10 p.m. Sunday.

Kari Ann Peniche in Playboy

Kari Ann is definitely the biggest name among the cast, thanks to her participation in this year's Eric Dane nude tape and her troubled past as a possible pimp.

The disgraced former Miss Teen USA also posed in Playboy, was engaged to Aaron Carter for like a week, and started her own clothing line, Strung Out Girl.

How apropos.

Hi, my name is Kari Ann Peniche and I am a sex addict. I enjoy pina coladas, long walks on the beach and getting naked with Eric Dane and Rebecca Gayheart.

The cast of the new series includes a number of people you possibly have heard of (if you follow the oft-colliding worlds of porn and celebrity sex tapes).

It also features some people you probably do not know. In addition to Kari Ann Peniche, here's a look at some of the upstanding characters joining her:

  • Jennifer Ketchum (porn "actress")
  • Jamie Lovett (surfer, wakeboarder)
  • Nicole Narain (model, sex tape star)
  • Kendra Jade (former porn star)
  • Duncan Roy (music producer)
  • Amber Smith (alleged model)
  • Phil Varone (musician)

Apparently Shauna Sand wasn't available.


To me there are no words to explain what a piece of trash this bitch is. I wonder if she realizes how hated she really is. I think its hilarious that this drug dumpster thinks she is such hot shit. You can tell as soon as you see her that she is a tweaked out gutter whore. Get your shit together you derelict of society!


I just saw Kari Ann Peniche on Sex Rehab and cannot BELIEVE what a complete A-Hole this lousy excuse for a woman is. Her childish behavior, disrespect of others and obnoxiously ridiculous and pathetic attempts at manipulating are hilarious! Get a life, Loser. Everyone is laughing at you. Oh, and calling Shelly ugly, etc. was obvioulsly an expression of how you feel about yourself. You have no class and you're a trashy heap of garbage. Gross. I hope you google yourself and read this.


It really was hard to watch Kari Ann on the show. I feel sorry for her because she has no idea how sick she is and when her beauty fades she will have nothing left and no one who will care about her. Borderline Personality Disorder is a terrible thing to have to live with. My mother had it and no amount of reasoning, begging, threats or bribes could change how she behaved. She ended up alone, bitter and died of complications from alcoholism. Seeing Kari Ann on the show was really hard, especially when you could literally see the connections she was making in her brain and whether or not they were having an effect and then acting on them. It was obvious she was used to getting her own way, especially from men. Good luck Kari Ann. You're really going to need it.


She is the most self-centered, abusive, little brat I have EVER seen! This little witch doesn't need rehab, she needs someone to explain to her that the world does not revolve around her ugly little behind and that no one would be sleeping with her if she did not just give it away like the cheap whore that she is.


The most satisfying episode of Sex Rehab by far was when dr Drew kicked Keri Ann out of the clinic. It was terrible that she was abused so vilely as a child/young person, but NOTHING can justify her behavior on the show. NOTHING. Maybe some day she'll wake up and start cooperating with someone who can help her, but it doesn't look good at this point. I think she is lost.


Kari Anne, is the most horrible person I had the misfortune of seeing on TV. She is a mess, ugly skin, hair and personality. She looks 35 and she is only 25! she is a compulsive liar and a disgrace to woman. She is disgusting. I do not believe she was abused to the extent she says. She is looking to promote her book and has not class or manners. She ruined the VH1 show. I could not watch her.


Who the hell is this rude obnoxious waste of skin and why does she seem to think the universe revolves around her.Winning the human equivalent of a dog show doesnt equate with having this much tude.Grow up and shut the fuck up and let the other people do what they gotta do.Stupid brainless ugly cow with the personality and charm of a dog turd.I feel sorry for the worker that got canned cause of her.She shouldve ripped her stupid chav weave off and shoved it in her ear.


one stupid, ugly bitch. looks like somebody raped her face with an ugly stick. too bad they didnt kill her.


She is literally the NASTIEST person I ever seen on a show. I mean she's rude and disrespectful to everyone, and the way she threw a vase at Ms.*** (the staff lady) and caused her unemployment is just f****** disgusting. I can wait to see her out. If she doesn't want it, she should get the f*** out there instead of acting like a total b****. At the end of E6, she was on the phone after 11pm, hopefully, Dr. Drew would kick her out according to the contract they signed earlier.


Look up "Borderline Personality Disorder" That is Kerri Ann. Brought on by childhood abuse and trauma. Unfortunately Psychiatricly there isn't a lot of help for it. She will be nutso for life!

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