Kari Ann Peniche Headlines Cast of Sex Rehab

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The lovely Kari Ann Peniche and other upstanding Z-listers be taking part in the latest spinoff of Celebrity Rehab, Sex Rehab with Dr. Drew, beginning November 1.

The stimulating new VH1 series will tackle the widely unexamined and wildly uninhibited world of sex addiction. The pleasure begins building at 10 p.m. Sunday.

Kari Ann Peniche in Playboy

Kari Ann is definitely the biggest name among the cast, thanks to her participation in this year's Eric Dane nude tape and her troubled past as a possible pimp.

The disgraced former Miss Teen USA also posed in Playboy, was engaged to Aaron Carter for like a week, and started her own clothing line, Strung Out Girl.

How apropos.

Hi, my name is Kari Ann Peniche and I am a sex addict. I enjoy pina coladas, long walks on the beach and getting naked with Eric Dane and Rebecca Gayheart.

The cast of the new series includes a number of people you possibly have heard of (if you follow the oft-colliding worlds of porn and celebrity sex tapes).

It also features some people you probably do not know. In addition to Kari Ann Peniche, here's a look at some of the upstanding characters joining her:

  • Jennifer Ketchum (porn "actress")
  • Jamie Lovett (surfer, wakeboarder)
  • Nicole Narain (model, sex tape star)
  • Kendra Jade (former porn star)
  • Duncan Roy (music producer)
  • Amber Smith (alleged model)
  • Phil Varone (musician)

Apparently Shauna Sand wasn't available.


Not all folk with BPD suffered abuse as a child. As for Kari Ann - what an ugly, selfish, horrible person she is. Wants it all her own way. Not fair on the others. She's just bringing awareness to what an awful person she is. She may look pretty in photos, but her personality & attitude is so UGLY. Spoilt brat, tantrum queen. Would've been kicked out of rehab, but kept in this coz it's entertaining TV. You're a clown Kari Ann. No friends, not liked, sad & pathetic. Won't change, will just go round & round in circles. After 10 mins you're predictable & boring.


I'm watching Sober House, Keri Ann FINALLY got a taste of her own medicine when she tried to readmit herself. Her fellow addicts wanted nothing to do with her, especially Heidi Fleiss who really went on a barrage of verbal abuse. How does it feel, Keri Ann? LOL I'm lovin it!!!!


Kari Ann unfortunately meets all criteria for Borderline Personality Disorder which should be her primary diagnosis. All of the other difficulties related to impulse control (drug use, compulsive sexual activitiy) should be seen as symptoms of her primary personality disorder. While this gal makes for good TV I think it is unethical for her as well as the other clients in sober house for her to be managed with others who have primary substance abuse issues and not personality disorders.


Most people do not recognize the severity of her illness. Borderline Personality Disorder is the result of traumatic childhood abuse. Kari Ann Peniche is truly a very seriously mentally ill individual. There's obviously more going on behind the scenes since her diagnosis hasn't been publicized within the show, although references to it have been made. Notice for instance how Joey Kovar defended her when she was faced with being discharged for her conduct. The fact that she has gained so much notoriety puts her in a position to help others become educated about the insidious nature of the illness. So instead of bashing her for her behavior, we should actually support her efforts. She is already raising awareness. If she were to effectively manage her illness, her success could actually save lives.


you are nothing but a spoiled rotten ugly brat who needs a good ass beating. you think you are better than everyone else. MAC is so way better than you you whore. you ARE A SCUMBAG!!!!


If ever there was a bitch, this girl is it. She needs to grow up, be a woman, and accept responsibility for her actions instead of babbling like an incoherent three year old and blaming everyone else for the reason why she behaves like a spoiled child.


Kari Ann is a disgusting person. Why in the world has Drew Pensky allowed her to be on the show again? She doesn't want help, she wants attention and Drew is giving it to her, why? This is the second cast that has had to put up with her. She is a spoiled brat and I don't believe her past is an excuse. I was abused as a child, horribly and I never acted out like she does. Get her off the show and into a psych ward. I feel sorry for the rest of the cast and workers and I blame Drew for letting it happen to them, the wrath of Kari Ann should be ended, it's not fair to the rest.


Kari Ann Peniche is the mole-queen. She has the most disgusting skin I've ever seen! Seriously, she needs to go to the dermatologist and have at least 50 moles burned off so I don't throw up the next time I see her on tv.


Let me just start of by saying i love Kari Ann Peniche. I think she is so pretty and honestly all ya'll are judging her when she's in rehab. Like really? Shes in rehab to get help and change so leave her alone. Shes gorgeous and ya'll are all just haters.


Kari Anne is a sad sad story. I was so suprised she agreed to go on celebrity rehab, after being kicked off the sex addiction rehab show for being literal hell on earth to EVERYONE she encountered. Then, at the very end, she begged Dr. Drew, "the fake tv doctor" according to her, to give her another chance. This girl needs some serious help, she's the sickest of them all, and needs to let her wall down asap and just surrender. The way she carries herself is so revolting that it makes her outward appearance hideous as well. I wonder if this girl even has one true friend in this world.

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