Justin-Bobby: Would You Hit it?

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Last week's season premiere of The Hills elevated the contrived nonsense of MTV's cash cow to a new level with the injection of ample forced drama.

Specifically, someone dragged Kristin Cavallari out of the woodwork and told her to pretend she is interested in Justin Brescia, a.k.a. Justin-Bobby.

Shirtless Brody Jenner

This caused tension with Audrina Patridge, Justin's ex.

It was obviously all staged, yet it can't be denied that Justin-Bobby has at least some appeal to women. Audrina couldn't quit this loser, after all.

Some viewers of the "reality" show have even commented that Justin is "hot." We don't see it, but maybe we're in the minority (doubtful, but maybe).

Tell us, ladies, would you go there? Vote below ...

Justin-Bobby: Would you hit it?


These are some decent pictures, but he is such a douche and can be so ugly sometimes, so no. haha


i would hit and quit it and treat him like the dirty hills whore that he is...


he is so dirty!!


this guy isn't cut at all. Looks like he is trying to try out for the remix roll of Ross on friends. LOL


ewww - i dont think he even showers...!!!!!!!


I would definitely hit him! I don't like him at all


If he wasn't such an idiotic waste of space and was actually nice then yup, I would! Damn Kristen - man, she gets under my skin! Even in Laguana, I cannot stand her!


I cant stand him. Why would Audrina date him?




there is no hype about this dude. he is ugly, his crotch probably smells and he is a jerk. the hills? oh god.

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