Judge: Dr. Arnold Klein Has No Say Over MJ's Kids

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Michael Jackson's friend and dermatologist, Dr. Arnold Klein, was shut down in court by a judge ruled he has no legal right to raise concerns the late star's kids.

Klein's lawyer, Mark Vincent Kaplan, showed up in probate court and said his client had concerns about the kids and how they were raised - per MJ's request.

This Was It

He did not object to Katherine Jackson being named their guardian.

Arnold Klein is rumored to be the biological father of Paris Jackson and Michael Jr., the singer's older two kids. This has not been factually established, however.

Court documents show the judge ruled Klein had "no legal standing" because there's a "conclusive presumption" Jackson and Debbie Rowe are the parents.

Michael Jackson and his close friend Dr. Arnold Klein.

Klein admitted he gave sperm to Jackson at some point but says that to the best of his knowledge, he's not the dad. Nor will he take a test. Unless asked.

In any case, he has no standing to say how they are raised unless he is an actual parent, which as far as the court is concerned, Dr. Arnold Klein is not.

On a side note, the court also found there is "no legal mother" of Prince Michael Jackson II, a.k.a. Blanket. He has many rumored moms, like Pia Bhatti.

Do you think Dr. Arnold Klein is Paris and Michael Jr.'s father?


Can anyone cite a legal case where a person with no blood or legal ties - a stranger - was given a voice in how a child is raised? Arnold Klein is disgusting! He knows damn well that MJ never asked him for his ugly sperm, and that he is NOT the father of those children. And the lawyer should be censured for representing Klein in this naked grab for money from the Jackson estate.


he is totally not the father, all this speculation needs to stop


Oh my goodness, I just wish they would leave him to be! He is in a happier place now...


RIP MJ, our thoughts and prayers are with your family.


i just feel so bad for the children i hope the grandpa stays away look what he did to michael i hope he doesn't do it to the children!!


r.i.p. michael what happened to you is tragic and your fans will always keep you alive


r.i.p michael jacksn ,
is it true he raped kids?


even if it is dont you think it would be hard enough for the child without everyone following it? i dont think it is.


he has nothing to do with the kids. They are michael jackson kids


Make the potential parents sign agreements stating they will collect no money from MJ or any other outside fund. The one who agrees is the father. They should really hire me to fix the world's problems. I'd rock at that job.

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