Jon Gosselin Whines, Cries, Lies; Tries to Halt Production on Kate Plus 8

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We already knew Jon Gosselin was a douchebag, a womanizer and a terrible father.

Now, we've learned he's also a cry baby.

The reality TV star - who was essentially fired from the TLC series that made him famous, as it will be renamed Kate Plus 8 and focus on his ex-wife, starting next month - has taken legal action to halt production on the program.

Jon's attorney, Mark Jay Heller, sent the following letter to TLC this week, following the announcement that his client would be booted as a star of the show:

"Effective immediately, no production crews are to enter Jon's family home for any reason. In the event that anyone enters the marital property, Jon Gosselin will notify the local authorities to effectuate police action against any trespassers."

Here's the best part. Check out the actual sign on the family gate, courtesy of


Let's hope Jon's children learn grammar from their mother. This not how you spell "penalty." Or "Jonathon." [Photo: INF Daily]

Said Heller, in an attempt to defend his immature client:

"Jon realized his family was like a trainwreck, so he decided to put the brakes on the divorce and on the show... because if he didn't the family would be in a mortal accident... the victims of a trainwreck."

Note to Jon: if your family is like a trainwreck, it's because you're its self-centered, publicity-starved conductor.

Meanwhile, you've gotta read the nonsense Jon's manager, Mike Heller, is spewing.

Asked by Perez Hilton if this legal action was any kind of negotiation tactic, he said:

"Jon Gosselin is the new David and TLC is the new Goliath. Jon is empowered by his new attorney to take back control of his family. Even if it means the revenue stream will be cut off. Jon's priority is family not money.

We are completely cutting ties with TLC. This is something that he has been trying to do for a while now."

That's an outright lie. All Jon has been trying to do for a while now is bang anything that moves.

A Crying Baby

For months, we've been asking who sucks more, Jon or Kate Gosselin? But that's not really a debate any longer, is it?


i sent a comment this am when do they get posted it was directed to Lant


LANT-I doubt you have watched the show very closely Kate has always said things to Jon to boost his ego,complement him, express how much they want and need daddy to be there praised him constantly if in her anxious moments she yelled HELLO which wounded his little ego WELL HELLO shes trying to controll 8 children and hes probably stairing at some girls ass instead of paying attention to his kids. So ok lets give the kids to Jon you must be living in the same La La Land as he is. Question: If Kate is not going to make money from the show is Jon paying child support for 8 childre?????? Good Luck Jon Hope the Judge asks you that one better get 2jobs you can do it yoour sooooo young


There are a couple of you who must not have children. If you did you would understand that it is a "bad guy" who runs around banging whoever is available. Do you really think the older girls have not heard from someone at school how horrible their father is acting and the god awful things he says about their mom. Buddy do you actually know what abuse is? Kate has to tell jon the simplest os things because he is a frikkin idiot. If it was not for Kate taking charge and motivating Jon to contribute as a father and husband he would be riding the couch eating doughnuts. As for the sign, ok if he called a sign shop then he would have to proof the sign before it went on the lawn well maybe not, that would be something an intelligent person would do.
Jon has no class and acts like a baby. How does he plan on supporting the children now that he has squashed their mom's income. It is not like he can contribute to the family other than contribute problems. GRrrrrrr


Oh, please....he is so predictable. He wants: 1) TLC to buy out his contract; 2) Kate to buy his portion of the house ( Is that 1/2, or 1/10th in his case?); 3) alimony and child support from Kate; 4) possibly to pressure Kate into letting the kids be on "his new Reality Show", if in fact there is one in the works and 5) to use his kids as pawns to get anything else he thinks up (or his lawyer tells him) he wants. Isn't it obvious? These types of manipulations are played out in every Family Court in the U.S., every day, and the lawyers are not beyond letting everybody bicker until all the cash is gone. What is the best interest of the children? I don't think it is Jon.


If Jon doesn't like the way KATE is supporting the family, he should get a job and pay child support like other divorced parents. The man has never appeared to want to work, which is likely the reason for some of the stress in the household before the divorce. Kate went back to work (!?!) after the sextuplets were born and now she's trying everthing she can do to support the kids, while he smokes and apparently eats. What a sorry excuse for a man.


Babs, the house is in both Jon's and Kate's names.


Mugs, not all that you read, including this article in Hollywood Gossip (notice it's called "gossip" - half of which is speculation and/or opinion). We will never really know what goes on in the Gosselins' household or anyone else's. It takes two people to make or break a relationship.


Lant???? are you kidding. "Jon is not the bad guy here" Really???
So what Lant is saying is that if you are a nag who is strict but with your kids you suck, YET if you screw around, say in public (where your kids can hear you) that you detest their mom, have unprotected sex in the same house as the kids, smoke and drink in front of them and flaunt a young chickie with facebook pictures that the kids can see of sex, drugs and guns YOU deserve full custody of the children. Well all i can say is I hope you haven't any children of your own.


Sad that so many people are blinded by the bitch. Jon is not the bad guy here. Kate is a publicity seeking banshee who sells her children. Jon has been abused for 10 years and simply does not want his kids exposed anymore. Kate is a freak. Jon should have full custody.


how can he do this when he is only at the house part time? Kate should have a say in this. Kate needs to speed up the divorce and get him out of that house so that they can live separate lives!


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