Jon Gosselin Owns Up to Douchebaggery, Claims to Care About Kids

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Hours after his lawyer painted him as a victim and helped shut down production on TLC's Kate Plus 8, Jon Gosselin sat with Larry King on CNN last night.

The attention-starved reality star claimed he was gonna quit the show before he was fired; and that his legal maneuvering to get it off the air has nothing at all to do with the fact he won't be receiving paychecks anymore from the program.

Anyone that believes these tales must also believe Robert Halderman was only looking out for David Letterman's best interests.

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Here's a summary of what the douchebag known as Jon Gosselin had to say:

On the TLC series that made him famous: “It’s not healthy for my kids to be on the show. It’s my right as a parent and as a father of my kids to determine whether the show is good for my family. I don’t think it’s healthy for them because we’re going through a divorce right now. I don’t think it should be televised and I think my kids should be taken off the show.”

On changing who he is: “I had an epiphany one day. I looked in the mirror and I said, ‘I don’t want to be this person anymore.’”

On saying he despises Kate Gosselin: “I’ve made mistakes, I’ve learned form my mistakes, I regret things. I have to move forward... I really didn’t mean despise. I regret saying that word. I was very emotional... sometimes you just say things you can’t really mean.”



he seriously needs to take care of his babies


i am glad he knows he is a douche


Jon is an idiot, he got caught up with his desires, he forgot he has to die someday. What kind of a legacy is he leaving behind? disgusting... He just got mad his name is being taken off, he should honour his contract with TLC.


Jon is a pathetic loser who is trying to control Kate through a guise of wanting "what is best for the children." Hey Jon, is it best for the children to suffer because you decided to steal $200,000 from the joint account and leave Kate with very little funds to properly look after the children. In my opinion, you are a scumbag who should never be allowed to carry the title of "Father" ever again.


n he doesnt that is all bull shit
like he is being so dumnb and so is kate like leave evrything alome and jon is a loser and he alwys will be


it is quite obvious Jon only cares about the money and fame just a few weeks ago he despised Kate and claimed Hailey Glassman was his soul mate now when TLC announces his name will be taken off the show he puts the brakes on the divorce and wants to reconcile with Kate she would be a fool to take him back
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Jon is the fault in this whole mess. Kate is working and trying to provide for her family and Jon is trying to figure out who his next sex partner is! He is a pathetic father and I hope Kate takes him for everything! Having 8 kids was enough, Kate didn't need the "ninth" child as well.


I stopped watching the show at the end of season 4. The final episode, I thought, showed Jon not wanting to go on.He and Kate were sitting in the chair for the interview section at the end. I remember he said he didn't want to do it any more. He said he had no life. It made me feel uncomfortable as Kate just laughed and said the show was "her job". At that point I felt there was an exploitation of the kids and Jon seemed to want out, and that was long before the current situation. From the beginning of the show, I always felt that Kate was in the driver's seat, and Jon did what he was told. From that day on I have never seen the show again. It's too creepy.


The kids are use to the cameras in the house, it is the news cameras that is causing all the trouble, and Jon has to take the blame for that, if he just went and got his apartment and laid low, during the separation,not so many girls, not taking expensive trips, buying flashy car etc etc. He wanted off the show, Kate didnt. He got his wish, But if he thinks the cameras off the show will stop, he needs to stop giving them things to print. Taking away the cameras in the house is taking away more money for your kids future and you will still be dealing with the cameras outside waiting for your next mistake , only they will be getting paid not your kids.


I think both Jon and Kate are good parents, I also think they are good people.Are they perfect NO. They are going through a hard time right now. The difference is Kate has her head on straight at the moment and keeps her focus on the kids, where Jon, is so lost and mixed up, he doesnt know whether he is coming or going.
The kids seem to have fallen way down on his priority list and he just keeps spinning out of control. Even Kate doesnt know this man she is having to deal with lately. Jon, please STOP and think before you act or speak in the future. Your kids need you!
I will continue to pray for all your family, and wish you peace and happiness. I don t hate you, I just hate the things you are doing to your family.


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