Jon Gosselin: Kate is Abusive "Monster Mom"

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Say what you will about him, Jon Gosselin does not half-ass anything.

He's promised fireworks this afternoon if Kate tries to stop him from seeing their twin girls on their birthday (happy birthday, Mady and Cara!), and he's launching a full offensive on both the talk show and celebrity news tabloid circuits.

Jon is apparently telling friends that his estranged wife Kate - whom he has dubbed "monster mom" - is not only a raging b!tch, she's abusing their kids.

"Jon says she spanks the kids all the time," a source says.

"All she has to do is look at them and they get scared."

We remember when Kate spanked Leah over the summer. Scary stuff. No wonder Jon is doing what he can to protect his kids and look out for their best interests.

Oh, who are we kidding. He's primarily out for (dun dun dun) ... REVENGE!

We've got to get these two into a cage to settle this for good.

One of Jon's moles tells Us Weekly that Kate "kicked a lego building into a million pieces because the boys didn't put it away the first time she asked them to."

Kate Gosselin also "barely talks" to her children, while "the nannies are doing 95 percent of the work. Kate has a short attention span. Everything upsets her."

To be fair, Jon isn't that much better. A source actually says he overheard him ask a member of the paparazzi what time his own kids get home from school.

He also "gets annoyed when they interrupt him if he's on the phone."

What's more, Jon instructs photographers to yell certain things at his ex to really get under her skin, while Kate throws temper tantrums and cries in her car.

Perhaps best of all, Jon Gosselin is supposedly planning a "F*%k you, Kate" party for when the divorce is final. Hey, the kids already hate him, so why not?

Whose side are you on?


He should be put in jail. At least it would stop his lying, and manipulating from being news. He is just another dead beat dad trying to make the mom look bad because he knows how bad he is and has been. He is a fat geek with man boobs that keep getting bigger. He should habg out with Kfed. They are both slime who can't make a living other than off their wives and children. I think jon is such trashy scum and sucks the dicks of dead dogs!


vaborn You are so right. That's how it worked when we raised out kids. All it took was what we coined "THE LOOK" and the kids would straighten up immediately. Yes we all have LIGHTLY spanked our children from time to time so what if Kate spanks them? I'm not talking about beating or using implements, just a normal pat on the butt and that's all Kate does. More than likely when Kate gives the kids THE LOOK there isn't a need for spanking. Don't think for a moment that Jon would spank the kids too. He is such an idiot.


Do any of you remember who stayed home through most of the childrens younger age. Yep, it was JON!!!!! And as for Kate taking care of them now, she has a sitter, nanny, friend (whatever she wants to call the caregiver). She couldn't even go through getting organized with professionals without a """friend"""" coming over. Where has this friend been all the other times.
Kate works very hard on looking and sounding good on camera! Stop and listen to what she says when she is around the kids. Also, take a look at how she smacked Emeril on the show, when she was told to let Jon do it her way. Who has always made comments about things like the kitchen not being functional, the dogs being a pain (and then taking one away from the kids and not allowing them to name them).. Come on people, it takes two to make and two to give up on marriage!!!


I agree with him she is very strick but that is what it take these days to keep you kids in line.


Right on Vaborn. My 2 boys are still laughing about THE LOOK AND SNAPPING of the fingers when they misbehaved in public. They knew they were going to get there behinds swapped when they didn't stop what they were doing wrong.They have both grown to be wonderful men and great fathers. More than I can say for Jon.Kate had 8 kids and 1 spoiled brat to contend with.


I think both are douche bags, if they really care about their kids they need to get off the T.V. apperance. Who is watching the kids? When she always doing guest apperance about "poor me I have no money and my husband always with other women" BITCH please!!! And this other fool who is balding and aging and crying about how abusive his wife is towards him. BITCH please!!! Grows some balls. During this diffcult time they to be with their kids and help them ajust to the divorce. Get OFF the T.V. ASSHOLES!!!!!!!!


I thought he wanted to make the marriage work..a divorce party seems to be exactly on the right path! Douche!


Kate had every right to treat him like she did on the show. He is like having another child and never took initiative. If she did not tell him to do something he would leave it all to her. Who wants to be married to a spineless slacker like him anyway!


jon is a douche bag!!!!!!!!!!!


No where in the world (California excluded) is it against the law to spank your kids. It's illegal to BEAT your children. There's a difference. Spanking hurts their feelings more than anything.

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