Jon Gosselin: Kate is Abusive "Monster Mom"

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Say what you will about him, Jon Gosselin does not half-ass anything.

He's promised fireworks this afternoon if Kate tries to stop him from seeing their twin girls on their birthday (happy birthday, Mady and Cara!), and he's launching a full offensive on both the talk show and celebrity news tabloid circuits.

Jon is apparently telling friends that his estranged wife Kate - whom he has dubbed "monster mom" - is not only a raging b!tch, she's abusing their kids.

"Jon says she spanks the kids all the time," a source says.

"All she has to do is look at them and they get scared."

We remember when Kate spanked Leah over the summer. Scary stuff. No wonder Jon is doing what he can to protect his kids and look out for their best interests.

Oh, who are we kidding. He's primarily out for (dun dun dun) ... REVENGE!

We've got to get these two into a cage to settle this for good.

One of Jon's moles tells Us Weekly that Kate "kicked a lego building into a million pieces because the boys didn't put it away the first time she asked them to."

Kate Gosselin also "barely talks" to her children, while "the nannies are doing 95 percent of the work. Kate has a short attention span. Everything upsets her."

To be fair, Jon isn't that much better. A source actually says he overheard him ask a member of the paparazzi what time his own kids get home from school.

He also "gets annoyed when they interrupt him if he's on the phone."

What's more, Jon instructs photographers to yell certain things at his ex to really get under her skin, while Kate throws temper tantrums and cries in her car.

Perhaps best of all, Jon Gosselin is supposedly planning a "F*%k you, Kate" party for when the divorce is final. Hey, the kids already hate him, so why not?

Whose side are you on?


Yours is a clever way of tihkinng about it.


My violent. Cant believe she would do such things


I watched all the shows, I still feel that Jon is an idiot!!! And Kate is way better off without Jon....Yes, she said some irresponsible and mean things, but now I totally understand WHY!! Jon needs to grow up, he is such a lazy, spoiled, all about me, irresponsible dumb A__, he just makes me sick. Once again, GO away somewhere, anywhere, but out of the spotlight. Most of us are SICK of YOU JON!!!


notice how far back kate pulls her arm to spank the little girl. and THAT was for annoying HER while SHE was on her CELL. So what if jon gets annoyed when they bother him when he's on the phone, he's not out there swinging at them. the kids have learned about hitting and slapping from watching her hit and slap jon all the time when they watch their favorite 'mommy and daddy' videos. And NO ONE HAS THE RIGHT TO TALK TO ANYONE THE WAY SHE TALKED TO JON ALWAYS CORRECTING AND CRITIZING EVERYTHING HE SAID OR DID. I always say if you wouldn't say something to a stranger, you shouldn't say it to someone you supposedly LOVE.


Khate is a control freak and a nasty mother! Watch the reruns if you don't believe me! I always knew Jon would leave but I never thought Khate would play victim the way she does...then again I'm not a control freak so I wouldn't know how to make her moves! She's a pro at manipulating America! Watch the reruns!!! I dare you!


team kate all the way


Kate is stupid!! I think not, take a look at Jon on any interview he has given to date. DUH............. Are there any brain cells left? Abused? are you delusional or are you just not a PARENT!! Or are you one of Hailey's friends on facebook? Try stating facts. Kate handled everything pertaining to the household and the children, and negotiations with TLC, yes finances included, wrote a book, promoted a book. Jon sat at home with the help of babysitters and nannies, yes we know about all the help Jon had while he was "left at home" WAH, WAH, WAH.. And Kate is stupid? What planet or media outlet are you listening to? Oh yeah, and Jon wants his kids off of TV, except when he bring E-entertainment along for the ride to film "his kids" Hyprocrite and Dumb A__!! GO AWAY JON>>>>>>>


How sad that the Jongoloid, with his megalamaniac ego wants to take out his infantile anger on his family. I'm sure there is a special place in h.e.l.l. for this guy. The Jongoloid is soooo funny when he tries to sound like he's a real man because he can make decisions 'all by himself' now. What a ret.ard this loser is. It will be comical when he realizes that he's a nobody with no talent who will be working 'round the clock to keep up with child support, rent, etc, etc. Can't wait for the day the tabloids show the Jongoloid carrying his box of belongings out of his NY flat.


Are you kidding me. Children should respect adult supervision especially their parents. If my mother or father looked at me with that certain look, you better bet I would be good as gold! Likewise, my children know the look as well. Jon, you know nothing about what to say out of your mouth, or about being a PARENT. STOP trying to bring Kate down with your one wants to here this lame sh__ anymore. Grow Up. No, I am not one of eight, I am one of 13!!! So shut the he__ up and keep it moving...


Poor poor abused JON. Kate did all the banking, did the contract talks with TLC, wrote a book & sold it. Jon quit his job and sat at home for 2 years (with nannies help) Most men whose wives travel continue working. Jon spent the book money while doing nothing. Poor mistreated Jon. Kate lost repect for him and Jon ran away. Jon could have earned the respect back, but that would have required work.

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