John Mayer Stands Up For the Gays

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John Mayer may be a douchebag who Googles himself 24/7 and is way too obsessed with Twitter and what people think of him, but we give him credit here.

In addressing one of the recent rumors about him in the celebrity gossip world (while conveniently ignoring another), Johnny posted the following Tweets ...

  • Rumor check: went to gay bar in Palm Springs, correct. Had a blast. Danced my face off. Someone there planted a kiss on me? No.
  • I don't like the story painting gays as unable to control themselves. Found the crowd even more respectful than in a straight club.
  • You know who the most flamboyant crowd is? Straight, drunk girls. They're like a bunch of little Charles Nelson Reillys.

Robert Pattinson's John Mayer's new album cover.

You have to appreciate him going out of his way to shoot down this rumor stemming from gay stereotypes. Unfortunately, regarding those rumors that John Mayer and Jennifer Aniston are back together, he didn't comment. Hmm.

He did post the cover of his new album, natch. See above. What a douchebag.

Looks like one of many Robert Pattinson pictures we've posted of late, with that vintage Edward Cullen hair. Also, the Mayer seems to be emulating the way the New Moon hunk often poses open-mouthed. So seductive.

Only R-Pattz can pull it off, though. Sorry John. Better luck next time.


is he gay then ?


let people love who they love. Male or female. it's stupid to judge people over their sexuality.


My Gawd, soo many Haters here... I agree with John when he says, "You know who the most flamboyant crowd is? Straight, drunk girls. They're like a bunch of little Charles Nelson Reillys." I don't believe John's gay. (Though, I believe everyone has "bi when I'm high" tendencies, Lol) And I sure Love me some gay!! :P Yes, yes.. I am one of the "bi with/without being high" chicks who also digs straight, bi and gay men/women :D TMI?? Oh well.. ;)


seems many people think he is gay
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i think he is gay and he just doesn't want to come out. Maybe he's not ready.. lol


i have to say that he is mighty cute though lol


John Mayer is can just tell. Doesnt want to admit it. INstead of forcefully sodomizing the editor do me instead. Come on you know you want to.

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