John and Elizabeth Edwards: Headed for a Divorce?

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The fact that John Edwards cheated on wife, and almost definitely fathered a son with Rielle Hunter, would be reason enough for Elizabeth Edwards to leave her husband.

But the scorned better half of the former Presidential candidate has stood by her man... until now, sources indicate.

The National Enquirer, which actually broke the Hunter affair last year, claims Edwards cheated on his wife with multiple women; and Elizabeth - who is battling Stage 4 breast cancer - has had enough.

"Elizabeth had always sworn she wouldn't divorce John," an insider told the tabloid. "But every person has a breaking point, and Elizabeth's friends believe she's reached hers.. [she] made it clear to John that she will take him for everything he's got. She will divorce him and claim their $53 million fortune."

The Edwards

This isn't the first time a separation between the previously adored couple has been reported. In August, magazines actually claimed John was moving in with Rielle, an allegation that seems outlandish, even for this depressing, sordid story.

As for what has truly set Elizabeth off, friends claim she's read portions of the tell-all by Andrew Young - the campaign aide that Edwards allegedly paid off to claim paternity of Hunter's child - and was sickened by what she learned.

"Elizabeth was read portions of Young's book proposal, and she flipped out," said the source. "What really pushed her over the edge is Young's allegation that John had other affairs with women on the campaign trail."

This insider says Elizabeth is prepared to expose all of her husband's secrets in court. Stay tuned. This story is far from over.

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I found Andrew Young's book completely plausible. Let it be a 'must read' for anyone who thinks they want to navigate into politics and who may have the slightest inclination to believe they are above reproach. It is amazing to me that John Edwards would have thrown absolutely everthing away to 'get some.' If he and Elizabeth were having issues and if she truly was difficult, then be decent and resolve those issues or even separate before choosing to step out. I don't know how his children could honestly ever feel more than shame when they think about their dad.


Funny how we probably won't hear much from the mainstream (liberal) media about this sordid situation......Edwards better be glad that he's a democrat....for if he were a republican these stories would be plastered all over the news non-stop.....he'll of course get a as usual for the liberals....


Edwards is a solid piece of shit. Hunter is a solid piece of scum. They deserve eachother in hell. Ho, doper, home wrecker, bitch Hunter will rot in hell forever!




John did not father a son with Rielle, but a DAUGHTER. Elizabeth has not claimed to be filing for a divorce. John did do a stint in the beach house when she 1st found out, and was upset. Don't believe everything you read. Elizabeth is an extremely intelligent woman, who is strong and comes from a family who supports her. She was the one with the money to build John, and can break John. Quite a situation he has made for himself.


he has another baby mamma the mans a cheater


well he cheated on her who wouldn't see it coming


Can u blame her she is fighting for her life and he is out screwing another women. That is messed up as hell and I hope she nails him for all that he is worth


oh i hope not :(


I did understand why she'd be reluctant to divorce since it would cause such trauma to her younger children when they will eventually have to face her absence. But since John is probably the father of the hootchie's child and he may well marry her later I believe Elizabeth should indeed divorce him and secure her half of their assets for her own biological children. He can take care of his mistress & child plus any future spawn with whatever remains. John Edwards is the scum of the earth.