Joe Halderman: Letterman a "Master Manipulator"

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The attorney for accused blackmailer Robert "Joe" Halderman says David Letterman is spinning the extortion plot against him and there are two sides to the story.

"I look forward to cross-examining David Letterman," Halderman's lawyer, Gerald Shargel, told the Today Show Monday morning on behalf of his arrested client.

"If you only hear David Letterman's side of the story, take it at face value, and say, 'Turn off the sets, that Halderman's guilty' - I think that's just plain wrong."

Halderman is accused of blackmailing Letterman with info about his past affairs with staffers. Stephanie Birkitt and Holly Hester are the two known at this time.

Shargel said that Joe Halderman, an Emmy-winning 48 Hours Mystery producer, has an excellent reputation and that allegations he tried to cash a bogus $2 million check from Letterman to pay off debts make "absolutely no sense."

Halderman and Letterman

Robert "Joe" Halderman is accused of trying to extort money from David Letterman. His lawyer says there are two sides to the story. He just won't say what his is.

Halderman pleaded not guilty and has maintained his innoncence.

The lawyer largely declined, however, to take advantage of the chance to provide Halderman's take on events, dodging virtually every direct question about his client's alleged conduct and repeating his one point over and over.

Instead, the attorney simply maintained that Halderman is innocent and focused on Letterman's attempt to "get out ahead of the story" with a public mea culpa.

One that has since been pulled by CBS, which doesn't help his case.

"He's a master at manipulating audiences, that's what he does for a living," said Shargel of the Late Show host. "To think that David Letterman gave the entire story, and there's nothing more to be said, it's simply wrong."

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i feel so bad for his wife through all of this


he suck. they cheated. lets get over it and move on to rob!


Let's all grow up. Letterman never presented himself as anything else. An unexpected pregnancy changed his world...changed his mo....someone wants to cashing in and they got caught !
Letterman is one of us and deserves our support. He was brave to stand up to Bush-Chenney ...We need to be on his side now!!!!!


Kick out this old crazy,Letterman from the show.


be careful what you do it might come back to haunt you...


Lawyers are professional liars. End of story.


This is all getting ridiculous. Leave Letterman alone!


Regardless about the immorality of Letterman's conduct, it seems to me that Mr. Robert Halderman is going down for the count. They caught him red handed. He's done for. I don't care how good of a lawyer he has.


seriously!!!! who cares!!???


I cannot believe he only married his wife after 20 odd years! Man, she is strong holding out that long and then he cheated on her!! Maybe she herself held out on it too in fear that he would do that! Whole thing is hilarious, I still think Letterman is awesome!

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