Jim Bob & Michelle Duggar Welcome 1st Grandduggar!

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Tragically, there are countless babies born every day to absentee or unfit parents, and without the proper support system in place to ensure a happy childhood.

Mackynzie Renee Duggar would not be one of those babies.

Gabriel Aubry and Nahla

She's not only the first grandchild of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, of TLC's 18 Kids and Counting fame, but she already has 17 aunts and uncles!

Oh, and she'll be older than her newest aunt or uncle who's on the way, as Jim Bob and Michelle are expecting their 19th child in spring of 2010.

Mackynzie was born at the home of her parents, Joshua (the Duggars' oldest) and his wife Anna, who, according to a friend, "are both so happy."

Josh has been front and center in his wife's first pregnancy – telling her the news that she was pregnant after she was too nervous to look at her own pregnancy test, and reading and singing to his daughter even before she was born.

"I ask Anna what she needs," Josh said.

"I talk to the baby and we involve her in our conversations. When Anna and I are talking to each other, we'll say, 'So, how do you like that, Mackynzie?'"

Although Mackynzie is his first child, Josh knows all about raising babies.

He helped out with younger siblings Jana and John-David, 19; Jill, 18; Jessa, 16; Jinger, 15; Joseph, 14; Josiah, 13; Joy-Anna, 11; twins Jedidiah and Jeremiah, 10; Jason, 9; James, 8; Justin, 6; Jackson, 5; Johanna, 3; Jennifer, 2 and Jordyn-Grace, 1.

The newest Duggar's name came, you may have noticed, is a departure from the family tradition of starting them all with J. But the couple is not necessarily committing at this time to "M" being the letter to begin all their children's names.

Mackynzie Duggar's birth will be featured on TLC's 18 Kids and Counting special, cleverly titled First Grandduggar, airing Tuesday, October 13 at 9 p.m.

Talk about a refreshing break from Jon Gosselin news, right?


They do not live in Ak they live in Ar. Most people can not raise 1 child to be as well behaved, educated, loved and educated in religion, morals, music, life skills. I admire this family so much. Shame on anyone that makes negative remarks toward them.They set a fine example for us all.


It may seem a little wierd to have so many children, but look at this family!! They all love each other and they are truly committed to our LORD!! People think this is disgusting, but how many of their family are divorced, on drugs, living a lie??? I love to watch the Duggars and wish I was able to raise my family the way they do!! Jim Bob loves his wife and he loves his family and is not afraid to let other peple know this!! Michelle knows what it takes to make this family work. Can you imagine what they would be like if they were allowed to do whatever they want? There is structure and routine. That is what makes us what we are!! We all need that!!Without that, we are all just wild weeds!! Thanks for being such a great family and an inspiration to me. Keep living like you do and don't let the "worldly people" get you down!! We all should take advise from your ways!! To live debt free!! What a concept!! Rita Stokesberry


My vote for the Duggars is to put them in charge of the White House and Congress. They will run the country a whole lot better than the idiots running it now. Have you seen the organization this couple has implemented in their lives? The children are all so happy, respectful and well rounded. Duggar for President 2012!!!


Who cares if they have new shoes. Alot of us never had new shoes and we grew up fine. As long as you have shoes who cares. There are more important things in life then money and "new" things. Living in a big family you learn what is important. How to get along with people how to share how to work things out, alot of life lessons. Have as many kids as you want as long as you can provide for them. Who are we to say. This is a free country. Good luck with the new baby. She is so sweet.


I Say Congrats to them. Anna has no worries her hubby Joshua helped raised his siblings, so he has enough expierence. The Duggars put God 1st and this I believe gives them the Strength & Tools to raise so many children. I would only say the senior Duggar's should retire after this last baby since they have a grandchild now. Time to Past the torch.


Congratulations to the happy family. May you all continue to have blessed lives.


Congradulations on the new baby! I have one comment. I find it odd that the Duggar children are not allowed to watch alot of television, yet they make their money off of the program.


see, these people have a million kids and you dont hear about them like we do dik head jon & fake kate


This family is amazing.They put God first in thier lives and show love and caring always. We need to learn from this family. Congratulations on your new grandchild.


calm down. they live in AK... it's not a big deal. They wear shoes in public. And if you watch the show you see that while the girls do do traditional inside work, I also see all the family working outside and inside. The girls just enjoy cooking, so what? You'd also see that the Duggars have said many times they make time for each of their kids. They are all great kids and all seem very happy. If cameras followed most of America around they would find way less happy and productive households than this. kudos to them.

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