Jessica Simpson Not Pleased By Latest Fat Jokes

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Last Sunday's Fox NFL pregame show featured a cartoon that mocked the Dallas Cowboys players and organization, along with Jessica Simpson's weight.


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    She's healthy and Beautiful, far from fat people


    love your comments Nickdogofthawestside... hes right, Jess has done nothing wrong by anyone else, shes just trying to make it through her career like anyone else!


    Why is there a [sic] after the word judgement? This spelling is an acceptable alternative to judgment.


    Jessica's a very sweetgirl!!! I love her to death! What tha hell did she ever do to any of these assholes to deserve this crap! She ain't done notta damn thing to y'all!! Jessica, Yur Awesome No Matter What!!! Keep It That Way!! Luv Yu Jess!!


    As for all tha bastards mocking her in regards to her weight... She needs to take a double-edged knife, slice their guts out and toss 'em down tha garbage disposal then bury their dead bodies in her own back yard!!!!! And that'll be the end of their worthless asses!! Gone!!!! It won't be too bigga loss anyways cuz they're all abuncha low-life scumbags that have no human-value what-so-ever and that's how she should to treat them! They're not real people and they don't have any thoughts or feelings at all! So it won't be a disgrace for her to treat them like shit in return!


    what loosers the cowboys are. and little boys immature crude and bullies . picking on jessica simpson again. she has gone on with her life tony romo and marion barber she could care a less about you immature high school idiots. you can't use her as a scapegoat anymore she's not dating homo romo. so just because you're loosing again this season don't deflect bad media attention to jessica. she has moved on . i suggest you little boys and you're fat ass coach go play with your mini whoppers at burger king. HA


    I am so sick of Jessica's weight issues. people drop it already. who cares. People are losing their jobs and their homes. People are dying in a war, and all you can blog about is poor, pathetic, Jessica. She brought this all on her self. She is one of the people who said thin was better back in the early nineties, whe she was marketing her big tits and body. Now that she has gained weight she can't stand the criticism. Get over it people. she has no talent anyway.


    Jessica Simpson is no where near fat or even chubby for that matter Pictures may not be 100% perfrect but that by no means makes her fat she wears a fucking sive 5. Im sure the people on this who are saying "sad but true" eaiter your a guy who is a dick or your a girl who looks no where near as good as jessica i don't see anyone on here dating Tony Romo. I just think is soo strange that people really think she is fat, at one time she was considered the hottest thing around


    I think she looks great, and healthy


    At least she doesnt look like a freakin stick!!! shes got curves, as MOST woman do!

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