Jessica Biel: Joining the Twilight Saga Cast?!?

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Jessica Biel co-stars in Valentine's Day with a number of A-listers, including Taylor Lautner.

In a recent interview with MTV, the beautiful actress made it sound like this won't be the last time she's paired with Lautner on the big screen.

Asked if she's consider joining the cast of the Twilight Saga, Biel didn't rule it out. She said:

"Well, I'm clearly familiar with the films... I know the idea of what it's about. I mean, maybe [I'd be in the next 'Twilight' film]. That would be lovely. I am not opposed to playing a vampire."

Of course, Biel hasn't been asked to play one, either. But is this a cast addition you'd want to see? Who would she play in the franchise?

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Do you want Jessica Biel to join the cast of the Twilight Saga?


she might play someone from the volturi? i dont know if there are to many parts left...?


Who would she play?


she might get like a 2 line role but to be in a twilight film even some A-listers would be extras lol


but they don't really have that many roles left to fill


i like her as an actress so why not


who would she play though???


HMM, that would be interesting. Who would she play though?

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