Jenn Brown: The Next Erin Andrews?

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After conducting a Q&A session with University of Texas quarterback Colt McCoy for ESPN Game Day this morning, Jenn Brown became a new sports darling.

Texas went on to win the Red River shootout with Oklahoma, 16-13, and McCoy is good at football, sure, but it was the ESPN reporter who drew more raves.

Jenn is not new to the business, having worked as a reporter and anchor for Inside the NFL and ESPNU. Nor is she a stranger to being drop dead gorgeous.

Brown, a former bikini model and gymnast, attended the University of Florida, much like another ESPN reporter and fan favorite, the lovely Erin Andrews.

A few more big-game appearances like today and Jenn Brown (right) may be the heiress apparent to Erin (left) as dream girl of sports fans everywhere.

We just hope she doesn't end up on a sketchy hotel peephole video, too.

So guys, who'd you rather ... um, you know? Vote in the poll below ...

Andrews, E.
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Who would you rather ...


I would have to have the 2 together to make up my mind. They are both beautiful.


I have nothing against women being sports casters but they need to be more than a pretty face they should at least know about the sports they are covering
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ummm idk i like Erin jessinaus said maybe a few more years for Jenn


Your all missing the boat!! The hottest female sportscaster in America is Heidi Watney fron the NESN network.She covers the Boston Red Sox.Check her out and you will agree!!


but they are both pretty i guess


so a nobody being called the next nobody


or of erin andrews


never heard of jenn brown


does anybody actually care about erin andrews anymore?


but i think in a few years time maybe Jenn Brown

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