Jayde Nicole Heats Up Maxim

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The pride of Scarborough, Ontario, Jayde Nicole is the coolest export from Canada since Molson XXX. Okay, she's probably even cooler than that potent brew.

The 2008 Playboy Playmate of the Year is known for that distinguished honor, but also as the girlfriend of Brody Jenner. Some guys have all the luck, eh?

Rumor has it that Jayde Nicole, who engaged in an infamous feud with Audrina Patridge last season on The Hills, will soon be bickering with another co-star.

That would be Kristin Cavallari, who Brody Jenner used to date (obviously), and who is now starring on The Hills, following the retirement of Lauren Conrad.

While Audrina and possibly Kristin may have beef with Jayde on MTV, here's something no one can argue with: She looks smokin' hot in the new Maxim ...

Jayde Nicole Topless Pic

Aside from The Hills, Jayde has been on shows such as Bromance and The Girls Next Door, and hosts Party Muscle Cabo, E! News Daily and Canada's eTalk Daily.

Not only that, Jayde has her own charity, “Lengths for Love,” in which Nicole and her girlfriends (including fellow Playmates and celebrities) grow out their hair for a year before donating it to Pantene's “Great Lengths” cancer patients.

Click to enlarge more Jayde Nicole pictures from Maxim ...

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Grease Monkey
Jayde Works it
Jayde Nicole Topless Picture
Hot Rod Driver



yeah she is preety but i hate her :(
especially with brody


wow she looks great


Wow, gorgeous!


i wish i could look like that. and CRAZYB you have to be just jealous. if you think she is butt ugly then who do you think is pretty?


she looks sooo good


Wow, amazing photo's! Ö


Ew she is butt ugly barff.. Someone poke my eyes out. Get her off my computer screen qucik


Even with all her drama, can't deny that she is gorgeous.


WOW! Jayde is stunning! I love the pics. Thanks so much!

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