Jason Mesnick and Molly Malaney: Engaged!

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Last spring on The Bachelor, Jason Mesnick sent Molly Malaney home on an emotional season finale, popping the question to Melissa Rycroft instead.

But on the show's "After the Final Rose" special, he famously had a change of heart, breaking up with Melissa and asking Molly for a second chance.

She was shocked, but giddily accepted.

That sums up Molly's reaction to Jason's most recent request as well. He asked her to marry him and she said yes. Jason and Molly are engaged!

According to People, Jason got down on one knee in New Zealand last week, the same nation where The Bachelor finale was filmed last winter.

Molly Malaney will soon be the newest Mrs. Jason Mesnick!

Since the controversial Bachelor ending, which resulted in serious backlash against Mesnick (Molly Malaney did nothing wrong, but Jason's national TV dispatching of Melissa was scrutinized), the two have kept a very low profile.

They've also been doing the distance thing, with her living in Milwaukee and him in Seattle with his son, Ty, from his first marriage to ex-wife Hillary.

But we suspect they'll be moving in together, likely in Seattle, quite soon, now that Jason Mesnick has officially asked for Molly's hand in marriage.

The couple just returned on vacation to the site of Jason’s ill-fated first choice so that “Jason can do what he should have done in the last time he was here, and ask Molly to marry him,” says a source close to the lovebirds.

Congratulations to the couple! Click to enlarge more photos:

Jason and Molly: The Bachelor
Jason and Molly Get Hot and Heavy
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I just laugh at it, I think she convinced him to do it, we all saw this pleed and beg on tv, "i think your making a big mistake" the man is following his crybaby tears. I think if he saw the nature and beauty of that relationship and how real it was, why would he propose? if he was that uncertain at that time, he should have said to melissa "lets just see how this goes" So basically, shame on him to even get on one knee and what a jerk to even break up do it on live TV. A person with a good heart even if they make the mistake of proposing, should have the courage and bravery and be man enough to do it privately. I although stand up and applaude melissa for holding her own. I only try to put myself in her shoes. Jason just proved what a jerkoff he really is...


Molly's already in Seattle.


I have always wanted one of these shows to be real where the people actually would fall in love and get married maybe it is finally happening Good Luck to them
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