Is Kate Beckinsale the Sexiest Woman Alive?

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We get it, Esquire. You wanna be different.

For months, there's been non-stop talk about the hotness of Megan Fox. Incessant yammering abot how much money men would pay to see Olivia Wilde nude. Quiet whispers that Kate Gosselin is growing more gorgeous by the day.

Okay, we may have made the last one up, but the overall point remains the same: when it comes to discussion about the best looking females alive, there's little variety.

Hence, we're sure, Esquire's decision to name British actress Kate Beckinsale as the Sexiest Woman Alive. It's cool to be different, but come on.

At least make it seem like you believe what you claim. Beckinsale is perfectly attractive, but there are plenty other women by whom we'd prefer to be ridden. Do you agree?

Kate Beckinsale in Esquire

Is Kate Beckinsale the Sexiest Woman Alive?


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nup!! shes really pretty, but not sure about the sexiest woman alive....


Hmmm...I think she is definitely attractive but as for hottest women, no! There are plenty more...


noooo !!


not at all




Not realy..