Incredible Couple Alert: Taylor Lautner and Taylor Swift!

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In July, we speculated that Taylor Lautner and Taylor Swift were a "possible future couple." The pair just looked so happy together on the set of Valentine's Day.

Now, we're prepared to dub this adorable twosome an official item. Here are three reasons why:

  1. Their couple nickname would be Taylor Squared. That's amazing.
  2. They are both gorgeous and talented.
  3. They were spotted (below), side-by-side, last night at a Los Angeles Kings vs. Columbus Blue Jackets game.

If a couple wants to fly under the radar, there are few better places to go than a professional hockey game. The sport doesn't even air games on a major network!

Therefore, we can only presume Taylor and Taylor were trying to keep their relationship a secret, but they can't hide from us. Nor should they.

We haven't been this excited about a pairing since Lautner's co-stars, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, coupled up. Taylor and Taylor 4 eva! Totes!

Look, we're on the big screen! Uh-oh, we've been outted! [Photo credit: Andrew D. Bernstein/NHLI via Getty]

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I think they would be really cute together but Taylor Swift is 19 and the other Taylor is 16. It would be very weird if they were dating but they look good together.


They are a cute couple.


what about selena? his ex girlfriend, her best friend (in the industry)


WOW who knew??? i domn't think it will last because he has 3 more twilight movies with kristen stewart and i heard taylor got in a few fight s with girls cuz of that kind of stuff so we'll see


urall look beautiful today soon i will urall gettin married


OK the taylors datin how is me ah


omg they are not dating! they went to a hockey game! wow. who cares?! not saying i dont like them, cuz i like em both but who gives a crap! and they are not dating they filmed a movie together where they had to kiss(HELLO PEOPLE, JUST A MOVIE KISS!) and hung out a few times! so what? wow you people are annoying!


Sorry people no PR STUNT!!!. She is already popular, selling out shows in NYC where they don't even have a country station. The movies is going to be popular no matter what he does. Do you think nothing happen? Come on! Why stay in the same hotel room the whole night?


they look related


taylor and taylor wow!! who knew!?
they look good together
i dont think they should b called taylor squad but t-birds get it t for taylor and birds as in love birds=t-birds

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