Incredible Couple Alert: Taylor Lautner and Taylor Swift!

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In July, we speculated that Taylor Lautner and Taylor Swift were a "possible future couple." The pair just looked so happy together on the set of Valentine's Day.

Now, we're prepared to dub this adorable twosome an official item. Here are three reasons why:

  1. Their couple nickname would be Taylor Squared. That's amazing.
  2. They are both gorgeous and talented.
  3. They were spotted (below), side-by-side, last night at a Los Angeles Kings vs. Columbus Blue Jackets game.

If a couple wants to fly under the radar, there are few better places to go than a professional hockey game. The sport doesn't even air games on a major network!

Therefore, we can only presume Taylor and Taylor were trying to keep their relationship a secret, but they can't hide from us. Nor should they.

We haven't been this excited about a pairing since Lautner's co-stars, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, coupled up. Taylor and Taylor 4 eva! Totes!

Look, we're on the big screen! Uh-oh, we've been outted! [Photo credit: Andrew D. Bernstein/NHLI via Getty]

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taylor swifft is hella ugly taylor you need someone better like my girl sarai and camy my home girls there way better!!!!!!!!


i dont think there a good couple i think they shouldnt date he needs someone who is not famous someone just right for him .. and yea taylor breaking up with selena then right away going out with taylor swifft is not cool and arnt they friends? yea not a good friend taylor yet you write songs about how her friends take her boyfreind and how she gets hurt with guys think about how selena is feeling why dont you write how your a back stabbing rat and how your a cougar!!!!!! taylor lautner needs someone better he is way tooooo hot for her!!!!!!!


She is a perve why is she dating a lil kid...whos yound=ger than her...all she doess is use taylor to make joe jealous...cuz she knws wut joe did really hurt shes just using tayor...but taylor swifty if your reading this....ur lil scheme aint move on...and give up becuase ur plan suksss..!!!!


For me both of them look ugly together....he looks beautiful but taylor swift is a disgrace to country music...and she looks like she has hay on her head...i hate her..!!!


they make the cutest couple! if they got married and taylor s changed her last name there would be 2 taylor launters!!!lol:)


Three reasons why they wouldn't be a good couple : 1. They would be called Taytay ( weird ) 2. She is 20 he is 17 ( weirder ) 3. When they kiss or hug she is taller than him ( weirdest ) Taylor Lautner and Selena Gomez are a cuter and better couple : 1. They would be called Telena. 2. She is 16 and he is 17. 3. They have a good height for each other.


ohmygodd! mucho unfairness! we want taylor lautner!!


welll i think is he is hottttttttttttt as my bf jacob is da best im go out with a guy named joaob


there toooooooo cuteee :))


Ewww! taylor swift is so messed up in the brain if she realy is datining Taylor Launtner.I mean he still in high school Taylor swift!