Hulk Hogan Almost Killed Himself

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There was Xanax. There was rum. And there was Hulk Hogan's finger on the trigger of a gun.

But the former pro wrestler says a surprise phone call in December 2007 caused him to reconsider suicide.

In his upcoming book, "My Life Outside the Ring," Hogan details this horrific evening - which supposedly started at a strip club - and writes that Laila Ali (who co-hosted the updated version of American Gladiators with Hulk at the time) saved his life with a lucky, opportunistic call just seconds before he might have ended it.

What had pushed Hogan so close to the edge? The actions of his wife of 23 years, he writes.

"Hell, [Linda's] spending time with a 19-year-old boyfriend - in the house that I pay for," wrote Hogan of his ex's affair with Charlie Hill.

In the memoir, which will be released on October 27, Hogan also alleges that Linda is an alcoholic that threatned to beat son Nick with a wine bottle after his major car accident in August 2007.

Hulk claims a civil suit brought against him by the family of Nick's passenger - who is now permanently brain-damaged - is "for more money than I've made in my whole career."

Hmmm... no way that would prompt him to exaggerate stories in an autobiography, right?

We're not saying the man isn't troubled (just look at his family!), but it's hard not to raise an eyebrow when he details a last-second reprieve from suicide in a book that's going on sale while he's having financial problems. Just sayin.

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if he had committed suicide then he wouldn't have wrote this stupid book of lies, where is my time machine to ALI.


Whatever, I find this hard to believe, think hulk is crying out for attention


i never really understood why celebrities wrote books about the tortured lives they led.
sure it's sad, but isn't it turning it into a cash grab?


It'll be interesting to see what his ex wife has to say after comments like that


oops I hit the wrong key sorry I will try again it seems celebs struggle with depression and suicide thoughts just as much or maybe more than regular people