Holly Hester Pictures: Revealed!

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Photos of Holly Hester - the second woman who acknowledged she had a sexual relationship with David Letterman in the 1990s - have been obtained.

The photos were obtained when she was an intern for Letterman.

Here's Holly Hester with segment producer Frank Gannon (top) and writer Joe Furey (bottom) at Dave's offices back when he was still at NBC ...

Holly Hester with former Late Night co-workers. [Photos: TMZ]

Prior to the Late Show with David Letterman's CBS debut in August 1993, the host starred on Late Night on NBC (he was replaced by Conan O'Brien).

His relationship with Hester took place prior to his move to CBS and lasted a year. Holly said she was "madly in love with him" but he broke it off.

He had a relationship with Stephanie Birkitt later in the '90s.

Letterman confessed that his affairs with staff members (how many, he did not elaborate) recently made him the target of a $2 million extortion plot.

Were they the only two? Or were these affairs just the beginning?


The only victim here is Letterman. Who doesn't have skeletons in their closet ... in their secret bachelor pad ... above the Ed Sullivan Theatre ...? I mean, come on! I know I'm hoping no one finds out about that thing I had with the gay Mexican midget. Okay, seriously, Letterman has boinked a few young women ... GOOD FOR HIM ... who wouldn't in the same place? Its funny hearing from the 'do-gooders' (holier than thou types) about how appalled they are. You know what? Turn the page and go condemn someone else for awhile. You're upset because you're not getting any .... woman, go get a vibe, men go get some oil ... let it go and have some fun!


I agree with Nell. He is a self- righteous pig who thinks he can judge others. The shame of it is he does influence very dumb people. I think he handled it the right way ,however,and whoever orchestrated it did it superbly.I also feel he has treated (and remarked about his now wife and his son's mother in such a boorish way.


The problem with this guy is that he ridiculed others for things they may have or may have not done. He has made millions trashing people while all along he is the biggest scumbag of all.


What about workplace rules? If this were anyone but a media darling the outcry from NOW and similar groups would be deafening.
If having sex with subordinates is harrassment, then why isn't Letterman being held to the same standards as any other boss?


He's not an attractive man...WHY so many girls...


This drama is getting a bit out of control. What he does in his personal life is his business.


seems like all of his encounters were consensual on both parties he didn't force anybody to have sex and all were of consenting age
also this was many years ago before he married so he wasn't cheating either
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The big deal being made of Letterman's love life is hysterical. Many under-30's have more sex partners in a year than Letterman's probably had in his whole life. At least Dave actually knows the people he sleeps with.


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