Holly Hester Pictures: Revealed!

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Photos of Holly Hester - the second woman who acknowledged she had a sexual relationship with David Letterman in the 1990s - have been obtained.

The photos were obtained when she was an intern for Letterman.

Here's Holly Hester with segment producer Frank Gannon (top) and writer Joe Furey (bottom) at Dave's offices back when he was still at NBC ...

Holly Hester with former Late Night co-workers. [Photos: TMZ]

Prior to the Late Show with David Letterman's CBS debut in August 1993, the host starred on Late Night on NBC (he was replaced by Conan O'Brien).

His relationship with Hester took place prior to his move to CBS and lasted a year. Holly said she was "madly in love with him" but he broke it off.

He had a relationship with Stephanie Birkitt later in the '90s.

Letterman confessed that his affairs with staff members (how many, he did not elaborate) recently made him the target of a $2 million extortion plot.

Were they the only two? Or were these affairs just the beginning?


Drama, Drama, Drama so what if he got some ass you would proably get it too if you were in the position that he is in.


For starters Derek, your name starts and ends with the right letters and your post proves it. Jons input is similarly moronic. NO VICTIMS?? Hes been in a relationship for 23 years this whole time 23 years!! Regina Lasko NOW HIS WIFE is first and foremost the SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT VICTIM. Whether these parties choose to PROSECUTE THIS CLEAR VIOLATION or they have been paid off DOES NOT CHANGE A THING. The self-righteous hypocrisy of this WRETCHED SCUMBAG you others point to, while true, is mere window dressing to the suits to follow. LET IT BE said here first WATCH FOR FUTURE BIMBO ERUPTIONS AND THE INEVITABLE HARRASSMENT $UIT$.


lena flood Says: "He is a self- righteous pig who thinks he can judge others." Well, ain't that the pot calling the kettle black?! He's a comedian and a bad boyfriend. Period.


Now the world knows why he is always smiling!


I'm with Kevin... the irony is funny... what would we have done before we could blog? Talk over the back fence with our neighbors? Call our friends on the phone? The Internet has enabled us to make nasty comments, judge others and pretty much decensorize (and desensitize) us to how others feel. For all its blessings, to me the drawbacks are obvious...


Anyone notice that Holly and Steph look alot alike? Seems Dave has a type - and who cares? He's a comedian - find something important to discuss - like where's our money GM and Chrysler?


I love the irony of Lena Flood's comment - "He is a self righteous pig who thinks he can judge others".


Since when is letterman in the tabloids so much!!


Can't stop reading about Letterman! I love it!


wow, that looks old ;|


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